In 1970, the Love Valley Rock Festival was slated to be the next Woodstock (with a decidedly Southern spirit). A twirl of the peace and love era with the name might suggest, it had the-soon-to-be-famous The Allman Brothers headlining the event. If you can imagine what that show sounded like -- the acoustics bouncing off the surrounding hills north of Statesville, N.C. with nearly 200,000 youthful free spirits -- it was an incredible moment in Rock n’ Roll history. And everyone knew it. Sadly, though Gregg Allman passed on recently, he left a full presence behind, and no one could ever take his place. It’s HOLY GRASS BODY'S first anniversary since joining the Jiva-Apoha Oil Collection. We’d like to dedicate the occasion to the memory of Mr. Allman to honor him for the beauty he showed us. The essence of Rock n’ Roll is present in what we are and what we stand for. Founder Angela Shore was only 3 years old when she attended the Love Valley Festival with her Mother. Little hand-in-big hand, they mingled with other hippies of a Southern ilk. Memories like that show us that Grass Roots from a strong start grow early in life, and leave an indelible impression on the Soul. 
HOLY GRASS BODY is our Native Blend of Organic Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa) & Sesame Oils. Pure Essential Oils of Sweet Grass & Rosewood.  
“Because of its size, the Love Valley Rock Festival made headlines. Beyond the initial buzz, the festival served notice that the counterculture was beginning to invade formerly resistant corners of the hippie-hating South.
“ ‘We all felt we were re-creating Woodstock,’ says Marilyn Wolf, [now a Greensboro psychotherapist], who attended with friends. ‘That was the hope.’ ”
Jiva Rocks
Gregg Allman
December 8, 1947 –
May 27, 2017. 
May our Southern Rock
Pioneer 'Midnight Rider’
Rest in Peace.
The Allman Brothers Band 1973 - Midnight Rider 
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Botanical Family Fact: Cannabis Sativa
Hemp Seed dates back to thousands of years. In 2,000 – 800 BCE (dried cannabis leaves, seeds, and stems) is mentioned in the Hindu sacred text Atharvaveda as “Sacred Grass”, one of the five sacred plants of India. It is used medicinally and ritually as an offering to Shiva.
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