If you’ve ever felt like time is rushing by at a mind-boggling speed, then you are part of the human race. One beautiful thing about humans is how we adapt, change, and push the boundaries. It’s an intense moment in life---realizing that one does not have to accept that life even has limits. Curiosity and intuition are the most valuable tools for all of our journeys, to achieve the knowledge, the Wisdom of Life. We have the power to LET GO, and break from some of the mental, and emotional trappings of modern day life. We only need to begin by believing in ourselves, and breathing deeply to allow our paths to bloom the way. We can live honestly, and receive all messages in our spiritual inboxes. With Autumn upon us, it’s time to reap the fruit born of the positivity we’ve sown throughout the year thus far. 

Trust. Believe. Practice.

And remember you always a have a choice with JIVA-APOHA!

Stay tune for the upcoming opening of  THE  NOW. Experience a new kind of SPA healing coming to the City of Angels.
Jiva Rocks

Get ready for Jack White, Alison Mosshart, Jack Lawrence, and Dean Fertita AKA The Dead Weather—catch their new video I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) from their upcoming album coming out September 25th, called Dodge and Burn.  
I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) by The Dead Weather
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