August brings us much to celebrate here at Jiva-Apoha. A rebirth in many ways!  We juice the Summertime as we prepare for much ahead, lining up our planets, and partners all in one. A taste of travel, openings, and scaling the business, so that we can provide more Green Beauty Oiling near you. Stay tune for all Jiva announcements, and follow us along the journey. For August through September, we’ll be giving back to our Wildlife buddies. A percentage of proceeds from each HOLY GRASS BODY purchase will go to, after all — we are part animal. 
See YOU in September. 
Wings over always! 
Jiva News

The Now Massage & Boutique is opening their 2nd location at 2407 Main Street in Santa Monica on August 16th!  A big congrats to the amazing team!  They will be offering Aromatherapy at your service by Jiva-Apoha Oils, and all nine body oils will be 
available for your purchase.
A Whole Lotta Love!

Cherokee Prayer 

Ga lu lo hi gi ni du da 
Sky our grandfather 

Nu da wa gi ni li si 
Moon our grandmother 

E lo hi gi ne tse 
Earth our Mother 

Ga li e li ga 
I am thankful 

Si gi ni gé yu 
We love each other 

O sa li he li ga 
We are grateful 
Jiva Press
Our founder, Angela Shore shares an Authentic Guide to Tulum, Mexico.
Jiva Rocks
In honor of Woodstock’s Anniversary, 
Jefferson Airplane's
White Rabbit
August 20th
A Happy Birthday to 
Rock Shaman,
Mr. Robert Plant! 
Here performing 
Black Country Woman / Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp
Led Zeppelin
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