So what does it mean when one has a Spirit Guide? We personally know from our experience right here at Jiva-Apoha. Meet Richard Fredrick Shore aka Ricky. He carries a spectacular spirit and has always shared a magnetic personality that could lift the room instantly through his laughter, and twisted sense of humor. He lived life in the very moment. As a child, I grew up learning about rock n’ roll, fashion, and beauty through his eyes. I too became an instant fan. Ricky rattled the countryside of North Carolina where our family names, Hendrix and Shore merged. His ambitions quickly took him to Manhattan in the late Seventies, there he was free to share his visions in style where he was reborn. He mingled with the 
high-profile, artist movement that flourished the nightlife of Studio 54. He was ahead of his time in every possible way. Ricky was a traveling old soul on this earth, and we lost him too early during the AIDS epidemic but through our visions in spirit, 
we know he is well, and doing much work on the other side. 
The feeling of losing a love one or a soul-mate never leaves the energy field. 
Today, he is an active spirit guide for Jiva-Apoha.
You see...we are vulnerable at times but strength beholds when we call upon. When we lose love ones, that kind of pain is always in the heart, and so is the love. 
How can we find comfort in healing?  How can we celebrate by living? I found purpose in my life with Ricky passing. Although it took some time, I’m grateful everyday for the teachings that has made me a stronger individual.
I wake up happy every morning knowing my path is to help others live in a healthier manner. Through Soul-Healing, we enter a youthful-playfulness connection. We dig deep in learning, and discovering what healing means on a daily level. To love our bodies. To be comfortable in our skin. To love one another. To not judge one another. To find balance. We all come from different places. We come with stories. 
We strive to do better. We reinvent. We reprogram. We choose good habits. 
We choose to receive help. We choose to live a honest life. We choose to live in diversity. We can choose to be at peace. We can choose to live in the light. 
We can choose to be ONE.
This July 15th, I personally honor Ricky on his anniversary in spirit. 
He could have been your
best friend…brother...son...father...uncle…partner.
Here at Jiva-Apoha, we work in SPIRIT, we work with SPIRIT. 
And for that Young Blood Uncle Ricky is always with us. 
I see you. I feel you. I love you with all of my heart, and soul.
 Wings over you, 
(Founder of Jiva-Apoha)

Jiva Rocks
Donna Summer - I Feel Love

In the Summer of July 1977, I Feel Love aired over the radio. Ricky, and I had enough money between as we raced to the Record Bar in his dark green, convertible Fiat. We bought Donna Summer's I Remember Yesterday vinyl on the day it released. We danced all Friday afternoon into the early evening. He was eighteen. I was ten. Our days are never far apart, always near, our version of being Just Kids.
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