Newsletter 20th September 2013
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Hello Members,

Welcome to your British Barbers' Association newsletter. This weeks newsletter will focus on getting licensed and Britain's Best Shave sponsored by The Bluebeards Revenge.

Let’s Get Licensed
On Monday Mike Taylor attended a sub committee think tank for State Registration with the Hairdressing Council. This is something that the British Barbers’ Association is fully behind and with the Hairdressing Council, together we lobbied Parliament and created the State Registered Barber.
The Hairdressing Council is the only government backed body in the United Kingdom and we think that by getting as many barbers State Registered in the UK would promote the first stage of getting hairdressing and barbering licensed in this country.
Why the British Barbers’ Association think Barbers in the UK should be licensed:
  • To make our industry more professional
  • To stop rogue traders opening barbershops with no training/ 
  • To make the general public aware that you are a trained 
  • To ensure the standards of our trade for future generations.
  • To gain cheaper insurance for your barbershop/yourself.
  • To gain respect within the industry and your high street. 

To help with this issue, the BBA will issue every Accredited barbershop owner, his or her State Registration (subject to approval). 
As you all know the BBA Accreditation is growing at a great rate. The Accreditation is aimed at showing the public that you are the real deal; you have insurance, have great knowledge of health and safety and have qualifications. As we all know with barbershops popping up everywhere, you now have to stand out and shout, “look I am a professional, I belong to the UK's Barber Association and they have Accredited my barbershop” 

We at the BBA are working harder and harder to bring you great deal for being Accredited. At the moment you receive a wall certificate, window sticker, you will be allowed to use our branding for your website, app, business cards etc. You will receive massive discounts on BBA training and you can also place adds on the BBA site for free. Now we have teamed up with The Bluebeards Revenge and they will also send you a cut throat razor, shaving brush, shaving towel, post balm cream and shaving cream. All these gifts come to the value of around £50, and the State Registration comes to £39.
So for £100 per year, what are you all waiting for, join our growing list of shops that are Accredited and gain a listing on our Accreditation Zone which has now gone live on our website and appear on the BBA app as Accredited.
Make sure you get your local paper to do a story on you; you never know you could be the first Accredited barbershop in your town.
To apply, you just need to provide us with the following documents:
  • Names and qualifications of all staff
  • Copy of your current insurance schedule (for the Barbershop/ 
Hair Salon) stating cover includes Treatment Risk or Hairdressers 
Treatment Risk (as more commonly used)
  • Confirmation that all employees* are insured under the 
Barbershop/ Hair Salon Insurance policy for Combined Liability 
(Employers Liability/ Public Liability)
  • Health & Safety procedures in place including presence of first- 
aid materials

The fee of £100 is tax deductible so what are you waiting for email

Click Here To Become Accredited

A cut above the rest: Wet shaving enjoying a remarkable renaissance, with 50% rise in British cut-throat shaving barbers

Competition to crown Britain’s Best Wet Shaving Barber launched to celebrate the innovative talent that resides in the British cut throat shaving industry

As the search for Britain’s Best Wet Shaving Barber begins, new research released today shows that wet shaving is enjoying a remarkable renaissance in the UK with the figures showing the number of barbers performing traditional cut-throat shaves in Britain has jumped by 50% in the past 12 months.
Research from the British Barbers’ Association and The Bluebeards Revenge premium shaving brand shows that there is an estimated 14,100 barbershops in Britain, with 5,076 (36% of total) now offering cut-throat shaving to their male clients, up from just 3,384 (24%) in August 2012.
Mike Taylor, director at British Barbers’ Association, attributed the dramatic surge to a number of different factors, including rising barbering standards and greater innovation, better marketing of services, the rise of the ‘metrosexual male, the need for men to look good at work and guys wanting to look dapper in tagged photos on Facebook and Twitter.

”Cool young dudes no longer use hairdressers, they prefer the trendier, traditional barber shops, where they can have both a haircut and a hot towel shave,” Mike said.

The stats show that men in Britain, on average, are now visiting their barber for a traditional cut-throat shave once a fortnight. The average cut-throat shave now costs just shy of £17 in Britain, up from £14 in August 2012.

According to the survey, barbershops in Scotland and London (43%) are the most likely to offer a wet shaving service, followed by barbers in the South East (38%) and the North East (37%). The South West (27%) and Wales (29%) were the regions were barbershops were least likely to offer a wet shaving service.

The British Barbers’ Association and The Bluebeards Revenge have now teamed up to launch a nationwide hunt to find Britain’s Best Wet Shaving Barber.

Dubbed ‘Britain’s Best Shave’, it promises to be not only a celebration of the most creative and innovative of British wet shave barbering, but also a showcase of the growing global reach and talent of the UK cut-throat shaving industry.

The competition is open to any wet shaving barber currently applying their trade in Britain. It will start with 12 regional heats, with the top eight wet shaving barbers in Britain going to a national “speed shaving” tournament inside a boxing ring at Barber Connect 2014 at the prestigious Celtic Manor Hotel in Wales.

Nick Gibbens, marketing manager at The Bluebeards Revenge, said: “We connect with the funky, young new generation of barbers who are the future of the industry. We aim to inspire these youngsters and create a legacy on the back of a re-birth of the almost lost wet shaving barber skills.”

Barbers looking to enter this once-in-a-lifetime competition can register by clicking below.

Click here to enter
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