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Dear beekeeper,

Ferro-Bee® is derived from our research into the effect of iron on winter mortality conducted in 2011 in the Netherlands and the follow-up experiments carried out in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and in the USA in 2012. Click here to read more information about the original research hypothesis and the first research report »

In the meantime we have gathered a great deal of data about the effects of administering Ferro-Bee®. Thanks to the vast range of diverse experiences, accurate reports from beekeepers and countless suggestions we have gained some fundamental insights as to what exactly is happening to the bees – why they disappear and why they die. The underlying processes, which are not visible, have been clarified. Ferro-Bee® targets these.

Hardware and software
Our product, Ferro-Bee® is the hardware. Regularly administering Ferro-Bee® strengthens bee colonies and helps to prevent mortality. The way in which you administer Ferro-Bee® is the software. There are many ways and different times at which you can administer Ferro-Bee®. That is a matter of experience (learning curve) and is for the beekeeper to decide.

To achieve the best possible results for your bees it is important that you know exactly how Ferro-Bee® works. In 2014 we achieved a major breakthrough in this area through experiments, supplementary research and recommendations from third parties. From our research we have seen that Varroa is not the cause of the problems with the bees, no more than Nosema or the viruses.

We will discuss this further in our next newsletter. If you can't wait until the next newsletter, you can read more about our findings on our website.
What is Ferro-Bee®?
Ferro-Bee® is a ferrous formulation. It also contains components that promote iron absorption. Ferro-Bee® has been developed based on our fundamental scientific insights into the processes that cause bees die and disappear. Read more about Ferro-Bee® »
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