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Dear beekeeper,

Considerable improvements can be realized when preparing bee colonies for the winter by administering certain supplements to the bees. We base this on our insights into the processes which are involved in preparing the bees for the winter. When ‘treatments against varroa’ involving formic acid, oxalic acid or thymol are administered, significant changes occur in the availability of certain minerals to the bees. We would also like to emphasis that ‘simply at hazard’ administering supplements via the winterfeed has little to no effect.

Based on these insights we will soon be able to supply these specific supplements required, in addition to our Ferro-Bee® product which is already established in the market. If you would like to know more about supplements for bee colonies, please complete the form (3 questions).

An important question here is whether you wish to solve the problem with your bee colonies via ‘treatments’ or via the ‘nutrition’.
The environmental conditions in which we keep bees today are quite different than in the past. Please read the opening sentence to our website carefully. The adjustments we propose are simple to implement, but at the same time are your choice.

If you are reading this as representative of an organization of beekeepers, please be sure to forward this mail to all your members without delay.

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