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Dear beekeeper,

In November/December 2015 we conducted an online survey about the process of preparing bee colonies for the winter. The general conclusions are as follows:

- There is considerable diversity (timing, administration regime) in the way in which winterfeed is administered.

- There are significant differences due to the type of sugar that is administered in the winter feed. Fructose corn syrup (HFCS, or inverted sugar) results in fewer lost colonies.

- The ‘disappearance’ of bee colonies is a more important reason in colony loss than ‘dying’.

- The loss of bee colonies is closely linked to the absence of queens.

The data obtained provides considerably more insight into the processes that cause bee colonies to disappear or die. The presence of a certain quantity of brood is essential.

We explain the findings in our survey report (5 pages). Based on the data gathered, we are now able to formulate some guidelines for preparing bee colonies for the winter.

We think that, by making a few simple adjustments to the process of preparing bee colonies for the winter, the loss of bee colonies can be reduced by at least 10%.

Click here for the survey report »

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