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Dear beekeeper,

We can normally expect bees and bee colonies to start disappearing again from the month of August. This happens very gradually; but it reduces the size of the colonies. After a while, the colony becomes too small to be viable throughout the winter period.

The bees that disappear are weakened bees. They don't have enough energy to fly far to forage and to subsequently return to the hive.

The treatments often applied to the bees ‘against varroa’ do nothing to help, they only weaken the bees even further and as such contribute to the gradual disappearing process.

Ferro-Bee® strengthens the bees and helps to prevent this disappearing phenomenon.
What is Ferro-Bee®?
Ferro-Bee® is a ferrous formulation. It also contains components that promote iron absorption. Ferro-Bee® has been developed based on our fundamental scientific insights into the processes that cause bees die and disappear. Read more about Ferro-Bee® »
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