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Dear beekeeper,

On November 14, 2014 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), applied for the admission of oxalic acid for use as a pesticide against varroa. From the data in the application document, it appears that oxalic acid is in fact an anti-bacterial treatment. From this we can deduce that the USDA wants bee colonies to be treated with oxalic acid, not necessarily to combat the varroa mite, but to get the bacterial problem under control.

The admission document indicates that the mode of action of oxalic acid in combating varroa is “not fully to totally not understood”. The brochure ‘Effectieve bestrijding van varroa’ [Effective Varroa control] (Wageningen University, 2010) states that it is not exactly known how oxalic acid works. From our own analysis it appears that other ‘varroa treatments’ also have such an antibacterial effect. Read more about our analysis

Bees and mites each carry their own bacteria. Mites need certain bacteria to infect the bees. Administering a treatment to the bee colony, whatever treatment that may be, will change the bacterial composition in the colony. The current anti-varroa treatments do not do this sufficiently. Targeting specific microbial processes is a totally different approach than attempting to combat varroa by administering a set 3-course menu.

Fundamental insight into how the currently treatments used actually work is extremely important to reach solutions to the problems in the apiary industry. Every treatment always has multiple effects. Our findings, of which Ferro-Bee® is a result, can make a positive contribution here.

Click here for more news about the admission procedure for oxalic acid in the USA and information about the mode of action of oxalic acid
What is Ferro-Bee®?
Ferro-Bee® is a ferrous formulation. It also contains components that promote iron absorption. Ferro-Bee® has been developed based on our fundamental scientific insights into the processes that cause bees die and disappear. Read more about Ferro-Bee® »
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