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Dear beekeeper,

Many of the problems with bees and bee colonies, such as disappearing, diseases, and winter mortality, can partially be explained by the metabolism of iron in bees.

In principle, there is enough iron in the environment and in the pollen that the bees bring back to the hives. The iron, however, is not always available biologically. Of all the minerals bees need, iron is the most difficult and most problematic mineral of all. That is because iron is hardly soluble and because it quickly becomes bound and no longer available to biological systems. The majority of the iron brought back to the hive by the bees via the pollen transformed into insoluble forms. This is because bacteria can convert the iron into forms that the bees cannot use.

Regularly administering some iron in the form of Ferro-Bee® is good for your bees and your bee colonies. When administering Ferro-Bee® remember not to administer any anti-varroa treatments. Ferro-Bee® is the alternative for treatments with formic acid, oxalic acid and thymol. Ferro-Bee® can be used without risk, and so without the extremely negative effects on the queens that the anti-varroa treatments have.*

If you, as beekeeper, want your bees to function as nature intended, at certain times of the year, you cannot escape giving your bees specific supplements such as Ferro- Bee®. By administering Ferro-Bee Bee® to your bee colonies you reduce the likelihood of winter mortality.

This method is described in our patent application. The patent on this method was obtained in the Netherlands on 9 August 2016 and on 10 May 2016 in the United States. You can read this patent description here »

In our newsletters we have informed you about the various processes that take place in bees and bee colonies. Based on such knowledge and insights we can offer beekeepers even more products.

* See including the links stated there, as well as the large number of scientific publications from which this adverse effect on the queens is evident. Formic acid and oxalic acid are very strongly acidic products; thymol is a substance with a chelate function. All three have an influence on the mineral balance in bees.

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What is Ferro-Bee®?
Ferro-Bee® is a ferrous formulation. It also contains components that promote iron absorption. Ferro-Bee® has been developed based on our fundamental scientific insights into the processes that cause bees die and disappear. Read more about Ferro-Bee® »
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