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Mann Overboard Header, Summer 2017 Newsletter

Going Overboard…

Our family doesn’t do anything half-heartedly.  If we are going to do something, we do it big.  Take, for example, our recent “vacation”.  We had free theme-park passes so we decided to take a very short trip (with Sheree’s parents) before Allen left for Nicaragua.  But because we like to do things a bit differently from other folks, our 3-day vacation included…

    -a broken toe for Grandma

    -a broken front tooth for Nathan, and 

    -a broken foot for Rachel.  

They also closed the theme-park because of bad weather and then when we went to the beach instead, they kicked us out because apparently we were swimming in the raw sewage Mexico had recently released into that particular area…  We won’t even mention the car trouble or when the keys got locked in the truck.

Yeah.  We are that family. 

Family Silhouette on Beach
Rachel Silhouette on Beach
Nathan Silhouette on Beach
Allen Silhouette on Beach
But sometimes we also go overboard in a good way! 

Keep reading to find out how your gifts were used to bless a Nicaraguan family in our typical “overboard” sort of way!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Going Overboard
GraceWorks Style…

Step 1.  Take $40 (raised by your daughters) and find a family in need, intending to buy them food and toys.

Step 2.  Walk in to see a family of 8 living in a “house”  (pictured below) and sleeping on a board.  Notice the roaches in the one pot of cornmeal they own.  See the bugs on the floor and the lice in the children’s hair.  Notice the distended bellies (caused by parasites) of 3 adorable little boys.

Picture of Board being used as a bed
Picture of Outside House

Step 3.  Hear the stories of abuse and abandonment.  Think about your own children - one exactly the same age as one in front of you.  Excuse yourself to cry and pray near the road. 

Step 4:  Take all children to the store in town.  Buy them beds, mattresses, food, clothes, and toys.  Spend almost $800 over the $40 you brought.

Step 5:  Share the gospel and give them over to the care of Jesus and your Nicaraguan Co-laborer, leaving a piece of your heart with them.

Step 6:  Come home and hug your kids very tightly, then give a 5 minute speech on gratefulness when one of them (who shall remain nameless) complains about a meal. 

Picture of children eating next to new beds
Picture of Joe with boy in store
Picture of Allen with boys in store

We’re Going to Need A Bigger Boat!

One of our major goals at GraceWorks is to train local pastors to evangelize and teach their own people.  We know they can not only minister to people we will never meet, but they will do it far more effectively than we ever could.  They just need the training and tools!

This trip to Nicaragua saw hundreds of pastors and church leaders being taught basic doctrines and evangelism methods.  They were provided with study materials and sent back to their congregations armed with more Bible knowledge than many would ever have gotten in a lifetime.

Picture of Pastor's Conference
Picture of Pastors Receiving Certificates
Picture of all church leaders with certificates

Water, Water Everywhere…
Not a Drop to Drink

Last July, GraceWorks Global was able to provide a whole-house water filtration unit installation for a government-run maternity house in Diriamba.  This facility cares for poverty-stricken and high-risk expectant mothers and their newborns. 

We were excited to provide safe water for them, knowing it would prevent illness and infection in both moms and babies.  However, because they are connected to municipal water, even though their filtered water is clean and safe, it is not always available.  They are subject to frequent water shut-offs and shortages.  

In cooperation with the Mayor of Diriamba, and through the generosity of our partners, we are now in process of installing a water reservoir so these sweet ladies and adorable babies are never without safe water. 

Picture of Allen talking with ladies and children at Maternity House

We have full authority from the local government to share the gospel and leave Bibles and devotional materials for the ever-changing residents of La Casa Materna!

Upcoming Opportunities

Undisclosed Location:  Summer:  Please contact us for information on the ministry happening here.

Nicaragua:  November: We have been invited to speak at a national conference for teenagers and can’t pass up the opportunity to teach 800 kids for an entire weekend!  We will be giving the gospel, of course, as well as teaching on  requested topics; but we would also like to provide full Bibles to all 800.  Through a Nicaraguan contact we can get full Spanish Bibles in-country for only $3 per copy!  Of course, this still translates to $2400 but God has already raised up nearly half of that amount.  If you would like to contribute to the completion of this project, please see insert.

Picture of Adorable Boys
Picture of Allen with Poor family
Mann Family Photo

If you would like to partner with us in this exciting ministry, you may donate online at

or mail a check to:

Ponderosa Bible Church

1800 N. Beeline Highway

Payson, AZ 85541

Please indicate “Mann Ministry” with your gift.  

GraceWorks Global, P.O. Box 2099, Payson, AZ  85547

Thank you for your vital part in this ministry! 
We appreciate you!

Ponderosa Bible Church is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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