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There has been some confusion as to how to classify certain premises. To assist with this, the Essential Services Commission has released a set of FAQs regarding Space Type and BCA classification.

Please see the list of frequently asked questions, answered by the ESC:
What is the space type/BCA classification for premises that provide professional or commercial services such as doctors (including medical centres for General Practitioners); Chiropractors, Physiotherapists; Dentists; Real Estate Agents; and the like?

The BCA classification for premises that provide professional or commercial services is Class 5.

Examples of such professional or commercial services include General Practitioners (and GP clinics and medical centres); Dentists; Physiotherapists; Chiropractors; Lawyers; Real Estate Agents, Financial Services (including Banks); Accountants; and the like.
What is the space type for gyms? Does this include non-traditional fitness centres and 24-hour facilities?

The BCA classification for gyms, including non-traditional fitness centres, is Class 9b - regardless of the actual operating hours of the facilities
What is the space type for Service Stations?

The BCA defines a Service Station as a non-private garage for the servicing of vehicles (unless the servicing provided is limited to washing, cleaning or polishing).  This includes car servicing and mechanic workshops. Such spaces are Class 6.

A petrol station canopy, including the main canopy that covers the petrol pumps is eligible for Building Based upgrades only if the canopy is directly affixed to an eligible building.

In such cases, the BCA classification of the eligible building to which it is attached applies (generally the petrol station retail shop).

In such cases, APs need to request exemption from AS/NZS 1680 compliance requirements, and provide evidence that other suitable illumination standards applicable to that space have been met.

In all other cases, a petrol station canopy not directly affixed to an eligible building may be eligible under Non-Building Based upgrades and would need to meet the compliance requirements for such upgrades.
What is the space type for a Veterinary Clinic?

A Veterinary Clinic provides a professional service. For the purposes of VEET, the space type for premises that provide professional or commercial services is Class 5.
What is the space type for areas where food is served but not open to the public; for example staff canteens and lunch rooms; school tuckshops; and the like?

Unless APs are able to provide additional evidence for spaces for the serving and consumption of food or drinks as per the compliance requirements (such as food serving and liquor licences or other regulatory documentation); for the purposes of VEET, such spaces are considered ‘staff rooms and the like’ and as such, are classed as the major classification of the building in which they are situated. 

To view these FAQs on the VEET website click here. Go to AP-Activities > Commercial lighting upgrade - Sch 34 > Space type / variable operating hours
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