Recycling Rule Change as of 15 May 2016
This rule change affects the recycling and disposal of lighting equipment containing mercury in NSW.

The rule states;
“If the postcode of an implementation is in the Metropolitan Levy Area, as listed in Table A25 of the ESS Rule, all lighting equipment containing mercury must be recycled in accordance with the recycling requirements of a product stewardship scheme such as ‘Fluorocycle’ or equivalent”

Our breakdown:
As of May 15, for upgrades falling in the Metropolitan Levy Area, the uninstalled lighting equipment (containing mercury) must only be recycled by a company included in the below list.

The postcodes subject to this rule are;

Table A25: 
 Metropolitan Levy Area postcodes
As of now, Fluorocycle is the only Accredited Voluntary Product Stewardship arrangement.

The approved recyclers, as listed on the Fluorocycle website are:

CMA Ecocycle
02 9833 4155

Lamp Recyclers 
1300 789 917

SITA Australia 
13 13 35
1300 869 373  
Veolia Environmental Solutions 
132 955

Jobs implemented from 15 May 2016 must provide proof of recycling by an approved recycler to NCBA for compliance purposes.

To read the full rule change please click here (Section 1.2)
Regional Network Factor Rule Change as of 15 April 2016
Many equations in the ESS Rule used to calculate electricity savings from 15 April 2016 include a Regional Network Factor (RNF). The RNF is the value from Table A24 (page 42) of the ESS Rule corresponding to the postcode of the address of the site where the implementation occurred. The value will be either 1.03 for specified postcodes, or 1 for all other postcodes. The postcodes listed in the table (excluding "all other postcodes") will generate 3% extra savings. 

To read the full rule change please click here (Section 1.4)

 Other Rule Changes
  • Amendments to the Control Multipliers in the Commercial lighting method: Daylight linked control is not applicable to open-air car parks and roads & public spaces.
  • New “Implementation” 6.8 sheets, and the evidence pack are soon to be updated for Commercial lighting.
  • Fuel switching activities may now be an eligible activity under PIAM+V.
  • Introduction of a new Public Lighting Method.
  • Un-bundling of HEER method, but minimum of 4 ESCS per upgrade required.
  • High Efficiency Motors methods transitions to Business Appliances method.
To read the full rule change article please click here
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