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Is Your Smartphone Giving You Bad Posture?

Do you remember when studies were first released stating that cell phones are linked to causing radiation-induced cancer? Well, it seems that smartphones may be putting you at yet another risk, back problems.

Chronic screen-staring could be adding up to 60 pounds of force to your spine – depending if you’re an eye-shifter or all-out huncher when reading and scrolling. Our muscles in our necks, upper backs, and our shoulders are being strained to accommodate for this position. When you tilt your head forward it pulls on your spine in a way that your spine isn't meant to be pulled on so frequently. As your head is tilted in the forward direction the  forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.

A study conducted by the American Public Health Association a couple of years ago reported that neck and shoulder pain reported by college students can be attributed to their cell phone habits. It now seems that this study is also pertinent with office workers who've spent most of their time at a computer; which is ultimately identical to the position the body is positioned for texting. Over time, the added stress could deteriorate the back and neck muscles to the point of needing surgery. Try these tips of correct your poor posture to correct your “text neck”:

  • Hold the phone at eye level
  • Move your eyes, not your whole head
  • Stretch your neck
  • Do shoulder squeezes

Being aware of your posture is the first step to correcting it. The next time you’re typing away at your phone be aware of your posture! 

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Gardening Tip – techniques to avoid bad posture 

-Stand as close to the work area as possible and utilize the arms and legs to do work instead of your back

- Long-handled tools can make work easier by extending reach and reducing body movement necessary to complete a task

- Lightweight and small-bladed tools can reduce the amount of load and resistance

- Use raised beds to reduce bending

- Take frequent breaks and rotate between jobs to eliminate strain in the back and knees for a long period of time

- Be conscious of the twisting motion created when throwing mulch or shoveling soil

- Be aware of potential situations that could lead to a fall such as wet lawn or loose gravel 

Success Stories

We are pleased to share with you a patient's recent success story from one of our patients that had bad back pain due to disc deterioration.
"I've had back pain for many years due to disc deterioration. Met with Dr. Zaslavsky and he recommended what needed to be done. I recently had surgery to correct the problem and I'm nearly pain-free and will probably be totally pain-free within about a month or two. The whole staff truly cares about the patient and I was very comfortable in their hands."


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