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5 Things You Need to Consider

You’ve finally had enough! The pain you are experiencing is affecting your daily routine and you need relief, so you’ve decided to see a spine physician. How do you go about picking a spine surgeon that will do what’s best for YOU?

Here are 5 things you need to consider:

Spine Specialists
You wouldn’t go to a shirt store if you were looking for pants. In the same regards, going to a practice that doesn’t primarily focus on the spine puts you at a disadvantage. Choosing a group that specializes in the spine will provide you with physicians who are experienced in your area of concern.

Experience Matters
You want to be confident in your spine surgeon, so experience in your specific procedure or spine problem is a must. Look for a physician who is Board Certified, performs surgeries on a regular basis and has a team of specialists to assist YOU. 

New & Innovative Procedures
If you are going to a practice that specializes in the spine only, their doctors will be trained and continue training on the latest technologies. This may open you up to new options that will help you live pain-free.

Good Reputation
Whether you learn about your spine surgeon from a friend who had a successful surgery, or search or, you want to find a physician with a successful reputation.

Spine Surgery is Their Last Resort
Plain and simple, surgery should always be a last resort for your pain!
First State Spine’s treatment plan focuses on an accurate diagnosis of the source of the patient’s pain. This strategy, combined with many techniques that we have pioneered, enable the majority of our patients to achieve excellent results!

If you’d like to make an appointment with one of our spine surgeons for your pain, please contact us at 302-731-2888 x1160. 


I had a herniated disc in the cervical spine that needed surgery. I had excruciating neck/arm pain, numbness in my arm; couldn't sleep, sit, drive. I chose Dr. Z for his reputation, experience with cervical spine surgery, and very low complication rate. I felt safe in his care. After surgery, the pain was better almost immediately. My recovery was much shorter than expected and I recovered functions I thought were lost forever. Dr. Z and his team are amazing. Thanks for giving me my life back.

Located in Newark, Delaware, we at First State Spine are leaders in diagnosing and managing adult spinal disorders. The foundation of our treatment plan is an accurate diagnosis, and an individualized, conservative treatment plan using a multidisciplinary approach. Surgery is always a last resort.

Our experienced physicians have completed advanced training to ensure our patients receive the best care available. We strive for excellence and to exceed the expectations of our patients.

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