Security Summit Recap, NEW FW Beat Officers and Phone Number, Online Job Fair, FWCBD Board of Director's Nominations 16/17

FWCBD Security Summit Recap and Resources
Highlights and Important Information from the Meeting

With over 80 people in attendance, the FWCBD would like to thank our presenters and attendees at the Second Annual
Fisherman's Wharf Security Summit. 

Captain David Lazar, Deputy District Attorney Karen Catalona, Community Liaison Rann Parker from the SF Homeless Outreach Team, City Manager Wera von Wolfen from Townsquared and FWCBD Program Manager Laura Schaefer gave informative presentations.

For our constituents that were unable to attend, 
we have created a page to provide you with access to the presentation and handouts.

Click here to view the following documents:

  • The slide show that was shared at the presentation, which includes our NEW FW Beat Officer phone number 415-857-5607 and contact information for the presenters.
  • The neighborhood information documents (Rules and Regulations, Street Performers, Street Artist, FWCBD and FISHnet).
  • The Nuisance Form from the District Attorney's Office 

At Security Summit we recognized the contributions of two Fisherman's Wharf community members:

Lawrence Jones, who has been working in security at Cannizzaro Realty since 1992, and Fisherman's Wharf Beat Officer John Van Koll. Their outstanding service and dedication to Fisherman's Wharf has helped to make it a safer place. 

NEW! FW Beat Officer Phone Number Change to 415-857-5607 and Introducing our New Beat Officers

Meet the New Officers Walking the Beat
For situations that require a non-emergency police response, you can reach the neighborhood officers via cell phone. Please note the number has been changed to 415-857-5607.

Two new shifts have been scheduled for the FW Beat Officers, day watch from 11am to 9pm and night watch from 2pm to 12pm. Between the hours of (approximately) 2pm to 9pm, all four officers are in the district. 

Day watch, 2 officers on shift at a time
1. Nicholas Stewart and George Tano Or
2. Robert Clendenen and Wallace Kresley

Night watch, 2 officers on shift at a time
1. Ryan Hart and Brandon Harris Or
2. Jonathan Sylvester and Taylor Sherman

FWCBD Online Job Fair

The FWCBD wants to help businesses find team members for the upcoming season. This year, we will be posting positions on our website  
We will also be promoting the job listing page to our strategic partners in the City, schools, universities, social media channels and on Craigslist.

If you would like to post a job, please go to and complete the form. 

FWCBD Board of Directors Nominations
Elections for the 16/17 Board of Directors Take Place on June 28th

If you are interested in serving on the FWCBD Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 term, please notify Troy Campbell via email or by phone at 415-673-3530 by Friday, May 20th to learn more. 

Tips and Tricks for Businesses

Emergency Preparedness Resources for Businesses
Inspired by the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) training this week, below are some resources businesses can use as they make their emergency preparedness plan:

1. The Department of Emergency management has resources for the public, for businesses, and for our City and County partners. City-wide NERT classes are also listed if you were unable to attend the classes in Fisherman's Wharf. 

2. The FWCBD has created an emergency preparedness plan that can be downloaded and replicated to fit the needs of your business. To view this document click here.

The Wharf By the Numbers
People Counting Devices Track Wharf Footfall
Each month we share our pedestrian counts for the previous month and previous year. April footfall shows a decrease of 3.6 % over the same dates during the previous year. 

FISHERMAN'S WHARF FOOTFALL     April 2015     April 2016
JEFFERSON AT BAY COMPANY     349,008       348,033
JEFFERSON AT BOUDINS   498,943       471,675 
JEFFERSON AT WAX MUSEUM   415,592       392,336
JEFFERSON AT CASTAGNOLA'S   477,390       466,263

Stay tuned for more annual comparisons. The FWCBD is using footfall data to help provide valuable information to the City to help advocate for more services for local property owners, merchants and visitors. 

Business Openings

Now Open: Chennai Kings at 418 Beach Street
Chennai Kings presents authentic cuisine from the Indian sub-continent all designed to reflect the ethos of Singara Chennai, with rich Tamil tradition and culture that are indigenous to this region. Diners will be treated to a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

Now Open: Lush Cosmetics at 65 Jefferson Street
Lush Cosmetics creates 
products with fresh and natural ingredients for the hair and skin. They believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals and in testing products on humans instead.

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Winter 2016- Issue 45

In this Issue:
Security Summit Recap
Beat Officers & Phone #

FWCBD Online Job Fair
FWCBD BOD Nominations 
Tips & Tricks for Businesses
By the Numbers
Wharf News
Business Openings


Board of Directors Mtg. 
May 24, 2016
10:00 AM
Bistro Boudin

Marketing Committee
No Meeting scheduled in May
June 9, 2016

3:00 PM
FWCBD Office

PIERsafe Committee 
May 18, 2016
9:00 AM
FWCBD Office

Police Community Meeting
May 19, 2016
Castagnola's Restaurant

SOBO Committee 
May 12, 2016
3:00 PM
FWCBD Office

Uncorked at Ghirardelli Square
Saturday May 7, 2016  
1pm to 5pm

For district-wide events  please visit our website.


5/11-Grand Princess
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