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Summer 2016

edited by Corey Slade

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Welcome to our Summer edition.

Let me just say that the 5th AWCF Conference in Lawnton, Queensland was a great success!

Amoungst other things featured at conference this year - Gary, Richard and Seth successfuly convened a grading workshop and gradings for the first time. The aim is to provide an improved training structure and progression, awareness, motivation and recognition of our Wing Chun System both within and beyond our Lineage.

Congrats to the following practioners who achieved their new grade either at Conference or shortly after;

Adelaide Uni club members to Level 1:
Tony Loi, Eric Vatovec, Heath 'Chip' Natt,  Daniel Pitman (pic below)
(Special mention to Chip - having been training on and off since late 90's and battling mental health issues it is a huge milestone for him)

Xiong Mao (Panda) Wing Chun Academy to Level 1:
Jake Landesmann and Sam Johnston
Level 2: Dave Somers - TBC

iDefend - SA Club to Level 2:
Corey Slade

Congratulations and welcome to the new committee for the coming year;

Dave Somers was nominated Chair.

Richard Antonini was renominated Vice Chair.

Gary King was renominated Secretary.

Chris Boyce was renominated Treasurer.

Seth Piszczuk was nominated Public Officer.

Anthony Vallario was nominated Publicist.

A special thankyou goes out to retiring publicist Tamara Salas. Tamara's efforts have kept us in the light, and improved the Federation's administration systems. Thanks for your efforts and sorry to see you go this year.
Special thanks also goes to Shayne Sanson and Jay Hickson for outstanding family spirit in helping with renovations and making training weapons for our conference.

Yours in Wing Chun,
Corey Slade



The Three Sections of Siu Nim Tao
- the real reason?

by Gary King

Throughout my years of practising Wing Chun I have heard several descriptions of the three sections of the Siu Nim Tao form. All were based on application and tactic - guarding the centre, moving off of the centre, etc. Nothing that was particularly interesting for our lineage. Indeed they even contradicted the idea that Siu Nim Tao should not be directly associated with combat.

During my own practice, however, I do recognise three distinct sections, but they have nothing to do with tactic or combat.  I believe the three sections are based on learning to use the physical body correctly, and the sections progress in increasing order of difficulty to help achieve this:

  • The first section focuses on refining shoulder joint rotations that are supported by a unified body and a correct mind.
  • The second section focuses on developing shoulder power, with two arms being used simultaneously to help promote complete body support.
  • The third section further develops shoulder power, using only one arm at a time and more complicated movements, which is a challenge to maintain complete body support.

Of course there are other differences which flow across the form such as focal point and centre control etc. But again these are really just tactics that can only be fully realised with a correct mind and body.

In our lineage we know that the three empty hand forms are ordered so that complexity of movements are layered, with each form providing a strong foundation for the next. And we also know that Siu Nim Tao is primarily about developing intent from a correct mind to power our body structure. So it makes sense to me that the movements in Siu Nim Tao are also ordered and grouped to help attain this. For example, in the first section, by concentrating solely on simple shoulder rotations it allows us to more easily develop a correct mind because we have less to think about or control, i.e. a simple shoulder rotation from a static body is easier than learning to use one-sided shoulder power.
Thus investing time in the first section builds a correct mind and body, particularly a tension free shoulder structure. This then provides a superior base to create momentum in the shoulders (shoulder power) during the second section. The third section can then build upon the second with more complicated single arm movements that are supported by the whole body.

By the time you understand the third section of Siu Nim Tao, such great mind-spine-shoulder-arm connection has developed that it now begs for Chum Kiu. So whether we are complete beginners learning the first movements, or seasoned practitioners refining our form, natural progression is built into Siu Nim Tao.
What a fantastic form we have.

A Versatile Self Defense Structure
- Stop, Block and Frame

by Corey Slade

I'd just like to share with you all, especially those with children about a technique that could prevent abduction or bullying. The technique can be scaled from totally non-violent to aggressive as required. The technique originates from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system. (
It adheres too as far as I'm concerned with the 5 basic principles of Wing Chun being Simplicity, Directness, Efficiency, Practicality and Minimum use of brute strength. It's also super versatile and easy to learn within minutes and put to use immediately with virtually little training or repetition.

Click here to watch our short video...

A New Self Awareness
by Gary Adams

I found Gary King's Wing Chun Path school while I was on google safari checking to see if there were any new Wing Chun schools in Perth. I first came to the school in April 2015 and found the lesson nothing like i'd done before. No other school I had trained in had any teachings about structure or internal aspects of Wing Chun. They were all about drills and techniques.

I love Gary's lessons. I discovered that first we must be relaxed head to toe, like we are hanging from the heavens on a hook from the head down to the toes. Then we must have our body energised all over with life awareness in every part of us, so we are ready to move. Then we must accept our opponents physical force and dissipate this force all over our body to our lower Dan Tien. Then we pursue our opponents energy source and destroy their structure. I have a good time every lesson, always something new that I discover.

Kinetix Kung Fu Academy Update
by Steven Langley

Kinetix Kung Fu Academy is winding down for Christmas we have enjoyed rapid growth since opening our doors in May and now have over 20 dedicated students. My Wing Chun has continued to improve thanks to the guidance of my friend and instructor Erich Brander who has cultivated his Wing Chun knowledge passed to him from Richard Antonini.

I thoroughly enjoyed this years AWCF annual conference. It was great to finally get to one of them and meet new people and learn from the senior instructors and students that attended. I feel Tamborine Mountain where I live would be a great venue in the future for one of these events.

A special thanks to Dave Somers for holding the event which was a huge success. Remember Wing Chun is a life long journey of self discovery. Do not compete with others, enjoy each others experiences and remember you can learn from everyone and anyone.

On a personal note I am incorporating more Qigong exercises into my life. I feel this side of our Wing Chun is often neglected. I am finding these exercises useful and they are allowing me to relax more and find my centre and enhance my Qi. Just food for thought. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Pics collected from the 5th annual conference...



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