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ISSC Newsletter December 2014

1st Transformative Knowledge Workshop

From the 17th to 19th November, at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, grantees, speakers, and participants of the ISSC's most important programme to date (Transformations to Sustainability), gathered in Potsdam for the programme's first Transformative Knowledge Workshop. The event was a workshop without bystanders - one orientated around questions and one aimed at taking a transdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach to bringing the social sciences into solution spaces. 

Lectures and pictures from the event are now available online.

Future Earth announces Engagement Committee

The Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability has announced the appointment of an Engagement Committee with 15 members who will work on involving stakeholders throughout the entire research process from co-design to dissemination.

“The Future Earth Engagement Committee is one of the two key pillars of the Future Earth initiative. It will work closely with the Future Earth Science Committee to both design and catalyse the implementation of sustainability solutions across countries. Three more members will soon be added to the Committee that is being announced today,” said Jairam Ramesh, Indian Economist and Chair of the Engagement Committee.

2015: International Year of Light

2015 marks the International Year of Light and will consist of coordinated activities on national, regional and international levels - for people of all ages and all backgrounds so that they can gain an appreciation for the central role of light in science and culture, and as a cross-cutting scientific discipline that can advance sustainable development.

The ISSC will take part in the French Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light that is scheduled to take place at the Grand Amphithéâtre de la Sorbonne, on the 8th January 2015. The ISSC is a partner in the event, and Ethnografilm Festival Director, Wes Shrum, will participate in the Ceremony.

Fellows Seminar on Sustainable Urbanisation in Taiwan

Eighteen Fellows, three senior scientists, one big topic. The second World Social Science Fellows seminar on sustainable urbanization, Transformations to Sustainability in Urban Contexts, took place in Taipei. The 21 researchers worked together to develop new, interdisciplinary perspectives on social transformations to sustainability in urban contexts.

In other Fellows news; the report from our seminar on Global Social Governance held this past July in London, is now available for download via the Academy of Social Sciences in the UK's website. The proceedings act as a resource for early career social scientists seeking to collaborate in developing international and multidisciplinary research. 

Elatorio Mundial sobre as Ciencias Sociais

The summary to the 2013 World Social Science Report is now available in Portuguese

CROP Youtube Channel

The first CROP YouTube project, called Visualising poverty research launched in September, and consists of a series of 5-minute interviews where renowned scholars and scientists in the field giving their input on the reasons behind, and possible solutions to, current poverty problems.

Calls and Applications

Call for Nominations – Stein Rokkan Prize 2015

Call for Applications – Future Earth Young Scientist Networking Conference 2015

Call for abstracts – World Social Science Forum 2015

Event Calendar

French Opening Ceremony, International Year of Light
8 January 2015 Paris, France

Ethnografilm Festival
9 - 12 April 2015, Paris, France

Future Earth Early Career Networking Conference
24 - 30 May 2015, Villa Vigoni, Italy

World Social Science Forum
13 - 16 September 2015, Durban, South Africa
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