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Client Success Stories!
  • Private Student Loan Debt Relief - Our client owed National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCT) $15,785.03. He became unable to pay this loan back and NCT eventually hired the law firm Patenaude & Felix to file a lawsuit seeking judgment for this amount. We were retained and immediately contacted one of the attorneys at Patenaude & Felix to see if we could negotiate a settlement that would keep our client from having to file an answer and litigate this case. We negotiated to settle this debt for $8,500.00, payable over 24 months. We saved our client $7,285.00 on his private student loans. We also helped him avoid having to defend against the lawsuit filed against him.
  • Payday Loan Debt Relief - Our client owed Traco Investment $25,985.23. She originally took out a payday loan from CashCall. Our client tried to work with CashCall when she lost her job, but they refused to work with her and she could no longer afford to make the payments of over $300 per month with all of her other living expenses and zero income. She climbed her way out of much of her other debt since then, but could not afford to pay back the $25,000+ balance on this payday loan with a ridiculous interest rate equaling over 130% annually. Traco eventually retained the Law Offices of Benjamin Woo to sue our client for this debt. Once served, she hired our firm to negotiate a settlement for her.  Plaintiff initially demanded in excess of $20,000 to settle this account. After several conversations, explaining our client’s hardships, Plaintiff agreed to accept $8,000.00 to settle this account. She paid $2,500 down and the remainder will be paid over 12 months. We saved our client $17,985.23 (Approximately 70% of the balanced claimed due) on this payday loan.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief - Our client owed $2,609.45 on an Amazon credit card account. She became delinquent on this account as well as numerous others. Our client is a teacher and has limited income to cover all of her defaulted credit card debt. Amazon eventually referred the account out to Second Round, LP, a Texas-based collection agency. Once with them we were able to settle the account for a one-time lump sum payment of 40% of the balance due, $1,043.78. We saved our client $1,565.67 (60% of the balance due). Our client continues on her path towards a life free of debt!
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How to Settle Sallie Mae Student Loan Debt

I often have people contact me to find out how to settle Sallie Mae student loan debt.  If you owe student loans and have fallen behind, don’t give up hope.  I have had great success in providing my clients with Sallie Mae student loan help.  Skip to the bottom to read about how I got 100% of my client’s $44,263.03 Sallie Mae loan completely wiped away!  He literally owes NOTHING on this loan.  My goal is to get my clients out of debt and save them money in the process.  I offer a 100% free debt relief consultation to go over your specific debt issues and map out a plan to get you out of debt and on with your life.

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One of the biggest questions I receive as a debt relief attorney, is what happens if you default on a student loan?   First, it depends if you have private student loans or federal student loans.  But the bottom line is, you definitely do have options to get student loans out of default, as you can see from my client debt relief success stories. 

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