Attorney, Daniel R. Gamez
The Gamez Law Firm negotiates aggressively with creditors to significantly reduce our clients' unsecured debts including:

Credit Card Debt

Student Loan Debt  
Medical Debt
Small Business Loans

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)
Lawsuit Defense for Debt Collection


CACH, LLC sued my client for a debt totaling $27,124. We settled the case one week prior to trial for $13,500, payable over 27 months. We saved our client approximately 50%, and helped him avoid having to appear at trial to testify.
Our client owed Citi $40,100. We were able to negotiate a settlement of $12,045, payable in  a lump sum. We saved our client over $28,000 on this credit card debt.



Top 3 Mistakes When You Get Sued For A Private Student Loan
Private student loans are just like any other unsecured debt. If you fall behind in your payments, you risk getting sued. Non-payment of a private student loan is considered a breach of contract.  Once you go into default, collection calls will start. Your credit will start taking a hit. And if you ignore the issue long enough, your lender will eventually sue you.....READ MORE

Top 5 Financial Tips For Millennials

The Millennial generation grew up in a world of social networking and all things electronic.  They often get a bad rap from older generations for growing up in an “everyone gets a trophy” generation.   However, studies show that most Millennials are optimistic about their future despite their crushing student loan debt and the fact that they are expected to be less economically successful than their parents...READ MORE

What To Do if There Are Creditors That I Don't Recognize On My Credit Report
It is difficult figuring things out if you have fallen behind on your payments and had your credit card debt sold to a third-party debt buyer. Some of the most common credit card debt buyers are Portfolio Recovery Associates, Midland Credit Management, CACH, Cavalry SPV, Asset Acceptance and LVNV. These companies buy debts (often for pennies on the dollar) from original creditors that have determined it unlikely that they can collect from you....READ MORE


Will a Debt Settlement Hurt My Credit?
Yes, at first. 
The clients I work with have stopped paying their debts because they can no longer afford to. Non-payment of your debts negatively impacts your credit score and your credit report will show missed payments for 6 months until the debt is charged off. These negative marks remain on your credit until you settle and pay off the debt. The good news, credit experts estimate that your score will rebound in as little as 12 months after completing a debt settlement.  This is a huge benefit compared to 7 years in bankruptcy. 
The Gamez Law firm is committed to fighting creditors, reducing the total amount you owe, and providing you with a life free of debt through debt settlement.

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