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Client Success Stories!
  • Federal Student Loan Debt Relief - People often tell me they’ve heard there is nothing that can be done with Federal Student Loans. While they can be difficult to negotiate, it is possible to get a settlement on a Federal Student Loan. Our client owed $9,938.71 on a defaulted Federal Student Loan that was due to Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC). Since the loan had not been paid in several years, ECMC sent the account out to Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. for collection. We negotiated with Pioneer to settle this Federal Student Loan for a one-time lump sum payment of $5,762.73, which is approximately 58% of the balance claimed due. Traditionally, federal guidelines require about 75% of the balance to settle.  We are quite pleased to have gotten this result for our client on his Federal Student Loans. The Gamez Law Firm is always up to the challenge to do things people say can’t be done!
  • Credit Card Debt Relief Our client owed Citibank $6,942.98 for a defaulted credit card debt. During the course of collections by Citibank, the account got transferred to JH Portfolio and then to Credit Control. Once the account landed with Credit Control, we understood this to be the best time to negotiate a settlement with them. On one phone call alone, we were able to convince Credit Control to accept a one-time lump sum payment of $2,777.19 to fully settle this account. This is 40% of the balance claimed due.  We saved our client $4,165.79 on this Citibank debt. He is now one step closer to becoming debt free.
  • Wage Garnishment Relief Our client had a judgment entered against her nearly 8 years ago for a Discover credit card she couldn’t afford to pay. The judgment just sat around collecting post-judgment interest to the point that the balance due had doubled to approximately $14,000.00. The attorneys representing Discover eventually got around to garnishing her wages to satisfy the judgment. Under California law, the creditor can garnish 25% of your wages to go towards the judgment balance. This would have devastated our client since she already lives paycheck to paycheck. Discover would be getting approximately $1,250/month through a garnishment. We were retained to file a Claim of Exemption and argue to the court that $1,250/month would bankrupt this single mother with 2 children under the age of ten. We made this argument to the court and the Judge agreed with us and reduced the garnishment down to $250.00/month. While our client still owed the entire judgment amount, this is a huge relief to her that we were able to get this reduction so she can continue to meet the basic monthly living expenses for her and her children.
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