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  • Card Card Debt Relief - Our client owed $15,880 on his Chase Alaska Airlines credit card. During our negotiation with Chase, their settlement offers went all over the place from $6,300 up to $9,000, then down to $8,200. We remained steady that our client could only come up with $6,000 to settle this account.  Despite being told numerous times that they could only accept $6,570, we finally convinced them to accept the $6,000 we had been offering for months. We saved our client $9,880 on this credit card debt.
  • Student Loan Debt Relief - Our client owed in excess of $20,300 on her private student loan. The loan went into default when she became unable to make her monthly payments. The lender eventually sent the loans to a San Diego collection law firm to collect or file a lawsuit. This is where we stepped in and negotiated to settle the account for about $12,400, payable over 36 months (about $346 per month). In addition to saving our client on the overall amount she has to pay back, she is now able to pay the settlement over an extended term at an amount that fits her monthly budget.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief - Our client had a Target credit card she could not afford to pay back. Target eventually sued her and obtained a judgment totaling $4,305.32. Target then levied on her bank account; freezing the $2,000 she had in her account. She retained our firm to see if we could get this money back that she needed to pay her rent. We negotiated with the law firm representing Target to return $1,500 to her account. Additionally, we negotiated to settle the account for approximately $2,150, including the $500 they kept from the bank levy.  The remaining amount due will be paid to them over a 6-month term for about $275.50 per month.
Recent Blog Posts
New Policy On Student Loan Rehabilitation Could Escalate Already High Default Rate

The Trump administration announced on March 16 that the U.S. Department of Education is allowing lenders to charge up to 16% of the principal loan plus interest on defaulted student loans.  This policy does not apply to those who took out Federal Direct Loans with the U.S Department of Education, but does affect those who borrowed from banks and other institutions. This new policy on student loan rehabilitation could escalate already high default rates on federal loans.  

Credit Scores Could Increase For Millions Of Consumers This Summer
The three reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – have made a decision that could result in credit scores increasing for millions of consumers.  On July 1 the three credit reporting agencies will remove civil judgment and tax lien data from credit reports if that data doesn’t include the consumer’s complete information; such as social security number, date of birth, name and address.  This change will apply to existing credit reports and new data that is added to reports.


What Do I Do If I Default On My Student Loans

CNBC reported today that more than 1.1 million borrowers defaulted on their federal student loans last year. If you have been struggling to pay your student loans, you are not alone.   According to a Consumer Federation of America analysis of U.S. Department of Education data, the number of people who have defaulted on their federal student loans increased 17 percent from 2015 to 2016.  If you haven’t paid your student loan in 270 days, then you are officially in default.  What do you do if you default on your student loans?  Whether you have federal student loans or private student loans in default, you DO have options.

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