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by Dan Gamez

For those that don’t know me on a personal level, I am married with 3 kids. My 7-year-old daughter put an abrupt end to end of summer beach and pool time when she broke her arm.  She handled the entire emergency room visit and surgery like a trooper. As the middle child, I know she enjoyed all the extra attention.  Scripps Emergency was our first stop to confirm the break. 

Our client owed third-party debt buyer, CACH, LLC, $21,204.82 for a debt originally owed to GE Money Retail Bank. Various collection agencies attempted to collect on this debt.  During that time, the 4-year statute of limitations for the creditor to sue expired. CACH, LLC can no longer sue our client to collect on this debt, but can legally attempt to collect. Our client wisely decided to tell CACH, LLC to pound sand! Our client realized a savings of 100% on this debt. He is now in retirement and no longer in fear of these creditors coming after him.
Our client had his federal student loans go into default. He was facing a potential wage garnishment if he could not come up with a plan to start repaying this debt. Based on his income, we were able to get him qualified for a loan rehabilitation. Under this plan, he will pay 9 monthly payments of $5.00 per month. Upon completion of those payments, his loan will be sold to another lender for further repayment on the balance due. More important, the bad marks on his credit will be removed. He will also be eligible for forbearances, deferments, and income-based repayment plans. Not a bad deal for $45 in total payments for the next 9 months.
Our client had a judgment entered against him by Asset Acceptance, LLC, represented by the Winn Law Group. The court entered judgment for $13,478.75.  Facing post-judgment interest and the possibility of a wage garnishment or bank levy, our client came up with funds to settle for $8,900.00, payable over a 3-month period. Our client saved a little over $4,500.00.  Once the payments are made, a Satisfaction of Judgment will be filed with the court. But, most important, our client won’t live in constant fear that the money in his bank account will be taken away from him unexpectedly.

Which Bank Credit Cards are the Toughest to Deal With?

Settling your credit card or other debt can be an uphill battle, but there are some companies that are willing to negotiate your balance. Some agents do understand hardships and will work with you to pay down or eliminate your debt for a lump sum. Of course, there are also many banks and credit card companies that will turn you away and not even consider your situation. Here is some general information that can help you deal with the toughest banks in San Diego. 

Credit Restoration 101, What You Need To Know

You’ve probably seen ads online, in print and on TV from companies offering services to help restore or repair your credit. These arrangements can impact your credit score and assist you with paying down some debt, so it’s important to understand the implications of credit restoration in San Diego. Here’s what you need to know before making a decision that will have a significant effect on your financial situation.

Why Do Credit Card Companies Settle for 40 Cents on the Dollar or Less

If you’ve done any research into resolving your credit card debt, you might have read that some companies are willing to settle your account – sometimes for as low as 40 cents for every dollar you owe. In general, this is because an organization realizes that they may not be able to recover the full amount and they’re looking to cut their losses. Taking you to court is expensive and they might also have concerns that you’ll file for bankruptcy. So, if you’re in a position that you want to work out a credit card settlement in San Diego, check out some strategy tips.

The Gamez Law firm is committed to fighting creditors, reducing the total amount you owe, and providing you with a life free of debt through debt settlement.

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