• Student Loan Debt Relief Our client owed student loan giant Navient $139,353.91 on 5 private student loans. Due to the high balance on these loans, our client could not afford to make the monthly payments Navient requested. She defaulted on the loans and they went into Navient’s internal collections unit. Our client is fortunate to have family willing to provide her with a lump sum of money to settle this account in full. The loan was set to default at the end of August. We recognized this as the best opportunity to settle in a lump sum. We convinced Navient to accept a one-time lump sum payment of $50,000.00 to settle this account. This is 35% of the total amount due on her private student loans with Navient. We saved our client $89,353.91 on her private student loans. These results are attainable to others if you have access to lump sums of money to settle. Settlements with payments over a term tend to go for a bit higher, but we are proud to get this result for our client!
  • Credit Card Relief - Our client owed a debt to Synchrony Bank/PayPal in the amount of $8,751.84. The account went into default for a number of hardships our client endured. The account eventually got sold to a third-party debt buyer. That third party attempted to collect for a number of months. When that didn’t happen, they sued our client. This is when we were retained to see if we could settle the account without having to defend our client in litigation. We were able to negotiate a settlement of $2,625.00, payable in a lump sum to settle this account. This is a 70% savings on the amount claimed due. We saved our client $6,126.00 on this account and helped him avoid having to go to court to defend against a lawsuit.
  • Bank Levy Debt Relief - Our client has a safety deposit box at a bank containing gold and antique jewelry. On the advice of an attorney, he placed a relative’s name as an additional authorized person to access the safety deposit box in the event of his incapacitation or death. Unfortunately, his relative had a judgment entered against her several years ago by a creditor represented by the law firm Harris & Zide. One way to collect on a judgment is to place a levy on a bank account or, in this instance, a safety deposit box. Harris & Zide levied on our client’s safety deposit box. Since our client did not owe the debt he contacted us to see what we could do to get the levy on his safety deposit box lifted. There is a California code provision that would permit him to challenge this levy as a third-party, not subject to collections on the judgment. We brought this to the attention of Harris & Zide and they immediately agreed to release the levy on his safety deposit box. I always appreciate the fact that the attorneys at Harris & Zide are willing to be reasonable and work with us to avoid having to go to court. Despite any negative publicity they may get online, we have a great working relationship with this firm and are happy to speak with anyone dealing with a debt that firm is handling.
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