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Client Success Stories!
  • Credit Card Debt Relief - Our client owed Nordstrom $4,212.00 on a credit card account. She works in a government facility that requires her to maintain a security clearance. A defaulted credit card account would jeopardize her job. She became unable to pay this debt as well as another due to hardships she endured. She retained our firm to negotiate this account as well as another. We settled this account for $2,106.00 (50% of the amount due). We’re now on to her other defaulted credit card so she can move on from the burden of her debts, without fear of losing her security clearance.
  • Bank Levy Debt Relief Our client owed a debt to Direct Merchants Bank, NA. This creditor eventually sold the debt to Worldwide Asset Purchasing, LLC. Worldwide eventually sued our client for this debt once it went into default. They obtained a default judgment against her for approximately $5,553.00. With this judgment in hand, Worldwide eventually levied on her bank account to help satisfy the debt. She had approximately $1,250.00 in her account at the time of the bank levy.  This amount immediately got frozen, leaving our client with no funds in her account for basic living expenses. She then retained our firm to see what we could do to give her some relief on this debt.  We explained our client’s hardships and her inability to pay more than $30.00 per month to help satisfy this debt. We provided income and expenses to justify our client’s inability to pay more. As a result of our negotiations, Worldwide agreed to accept the $1,250.00 previously levied to fully satisfy this account.  We saved our client $4,303 (approximately 77%) on this judgment. She now no longer has to fear having her bank account levied or wages garnished to satisfy this judgment.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief Our client owed approximately $16,302.00 on three credit card accounts. Due to a series of unexpected medical issues, he and his wife could no longer afford to pay back this credit card debt. We set our client up on a plan to have his debts completely settled in a 24-month period. We quickly settled two of his accounts for about 35% of the balance due (just a bit under our estimate of 40% that we anticipated settling). His last account with Chase totaled $5,580.00. We outlined our client’s hardships and they agreed to accept $2,600.00 to settle this account. We saved our client $2,980.00 (approximately 54%) of the amount claimed due on this debt. Overall, we settled our client’s debt for less than what we originally estimated. As a result, he gets a little extra money back in his pocket and is now 100% debt free!
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