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Client Success Stories!
  • Student Loan Debt Relief - Our client took out $60,273.62 in private student loans from Sallie Mae. The student loans were eventually taken over by Sallie Mae’s spinoff, Navient. The loan payments were much too high and our client could never afford them. In typical fashion, Navient used a number of collection efforts and threats in an attempt to get our client to pay the balance in full over a ridiculously short time frame. When those efforts failed, Navient eventually sent the account out to Central Credit, a collection agency. At that time, we negotiated with Central Credit and convinced them to accept $22,000.00, as settlement in full on this debt. We saved our client $38,273.62 (approximately 65%) on the balance due.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief - Our client owed American Express $2,366.35. The account went into collections when she could longer afford the payments due on the account. AMEX sent the account to Firstsource to handle further collections. Once the account reached Firstsource, we recognized that the account would be ripe for settlement. We offered and Firstsource accepted $830.00 to settle. Due to some confusion, the account shifted back to AMEX before the settlement payment could be made. We presented proof of the prior arrangement and AMEX agreed to honor and accept the deal. We saved our client $1,535.35 (65% of the balance due) on this account.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief - Our client owed US Bank $9,418.00 for a credit card that went delinquent due to a number of hardships that prevented our client from paying back the debt in full.  US Bank initially offered $7,535.08 to settle this debt. We responded with an aggressive offer of 30% of the balance, $2,826.00, to fully settle the account. Much to our delight, US Bank agreed to accept this amount to consider the account settled in full.  We saved our client  $6,592.00 (a 70% discount) on the balance due.
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