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Client Success Stories!
  • Student Loan Debt Relief - Our client owed Wells Fargo $166,785.00 for a private student loan.  This is in addition to federal student loans he owes as well. He could not afford to pay back both loans at the rates being requested by each. We first helped him get into an affordable income-based repayment plan on his federal student loans. Then we went after his Wells Fargo private student loans. After a series of negotiations, we were able to convince Wells Fargo to accept 40% of this balance ($32,708.49) to consider the loans settled in full. On top of that, they agreed to accept a down payment and the remainder to be paid over 24 months. We saved our client $134,076.51 on his Wells Fargo private student loans. 
  • Credit Card Debt Relief Our client owed $11,299.87 to Capital One for a credit card debt.  She got into the rut of just paying the minimum monthly amounts due so that she wouldn’t suffer a hit to her credit. However, she realized that it would take years to pay off the balance at that rate. She stopped making the payments and retained our firm to help her negotiate a settlement. During our representation, Capital One sent the account to the Moore Law Group to sue our client for the unpaid debt. At that time we negotiated with the Moore Law Group to settle the lawsuit for $5,650.00. They agreed to accept a portion of this amount as a down payment and the remainder to be paid over a 20-month term. We saved our client $5,649.87 on this debt owed to Capital One and helped her avoid having to defend herself in the lawsuit filed against her.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief Our client owed Chase Bank $27,480.79 for three separate credit card accounts. He also owed a number of other creditors on accounts he became unable to pay back due to a number of personal issues. We negotiated with Chase Bank and were able to convince them to accept $12,000.00, payable in a lump sum, to settle all three accounts.  Our client has a relative willing to provide these funds to help him get out of debt. We saved our client $15,480.79 on his Chase Bank credit card debt. We are reaching similar settlements with his other creditors and he is well on his way to becoming debt free.
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