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Client Success Stories!
  • Credit Card Debt Relief - Our client owed American Express $3,369.00. AMEX sent her account to Nationwide Credit, which is one of their collection agencies. Nationwide originally requested that she pay 60% of this balance to have the account considered settled in full. After a series of phone calls back and forth, explaining that our client is unemployed, Nationwide agreed to accept approximately 30% of the balance, which came out to $1,050.00. We saved our client $2,319.00 on this account. 
  • Student Loan Debt Relief Our client owed both Federal and Private Student Loans when she entered into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy over 5 years ago. She successfully completed her Bankruptcy, but unfortunately, the student loan debt remained. Arrowood Indemnity had retained Sunrise Credit Services to continue collection efforts on one of her private student loans.  It didn’t take long for Sunrise Credit to come out of the woodworks and start demanding payment of the $4,647.65, which did not get discharged in the Bankruptcy. We immediately stepped in and negotiated to settle this student loan debt for $2,637.50.  We saved our client a little over $2,000.00 (about 43% of the amount due) on the Private Student Loan. Even though you may not be able to discharge a student loan in bankruptcy, it is still possible to settle this lingering debt for less than full balance. We are pleased to be able to deliver this result for our client!
  • Private Student Loan Debt Relief Our client owed  $42,579.00 on her Private Student Loans, which had been purchased by a third party debt buyer. When the new owner of this debt could not collect, it served her with two separate lawsuits and sought to obtain a judgment on these loans. Once retained, we were able to negotiate a settlement of $25,200, payable over 72 months ($350.00 per month). We saved our client a little over $17,300, payable over an extended term that she could afford to pay on a monthly basis. We did this without ever having to appear in Court to deal with the lawsuit filed by Plaintiff.
Recent Blog Posts
How to Fight Zombie Debt Collectors

Just when you least expect it, your old debt rises from the grave like a ZOMBIE!  I will go over how to fight a zombie debt collector, but first let’s review what is “Zombie Debt”?  In the state of California, if you have not paid your debt within four years, your creditor may be time-barred from suing you due to the statute of limitations.  If they do sue you, you cannot get the case dismissed raising this defense. 

How To Stop Wage Garnishment By Citibank

Find out how my client was able to stop wage garnishment by Citibank! My client moved to San Diego from Florida last year to start her dream job.  Shortly after moving, she received notice that Citibank had sued for an unpaid debt of $15,432.35 back in 2005.  She had no idea she had been sued 11 years ago.  Citibank had somehow found out that my client had move to California and now she needed to fight a wage garnishment by Citibank.

6 Credit Card Debt Settlement Facts You Need To Know!

Private student loans are not unlike credit cards. If you find that you can’t pay your private student loan, your loan will go into default and you will need to find a way how to get out of default.  According to Motley Fool, 43 million Americans collectively owe $1.3 trillion in student loans.  Students who take out federal student loans have options if they can’t pay their debt, such as loan rehabilitation.  If consumers with private student loan can’t pay their loans, they can’t rely on federal student loan options such as reasonable payment plans, deferments, forbearances or hardship exemptions.

6 Credit Card Debt Settlement Facts You Need To Know!

I received a call a few months ago from a very worried young man that wanted to know how to defend a student loan lawsuit from Wells Fargo.  He owed Wells Fargo $16,421 in private student loans.  His loan had gone into default, because he could not pay his student loan.  My client, like so many others, had every intention of repaying his student loan to Wells Fargo, but he had lost his job.

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