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  • Student Loan Debt Relief Our client owed National Collegiate Student Loan Trust approximately $15,900.00 on a defaulted student loan debt. A relative co-signed for the loan so he could achieve his dream of owning his own business one day, possibly in the web-based document management services space. While our client has been successful with his entrepreneurial mind, he struggled to pay back this student loan debt. Once it went into default, his lender decided to sue him to collect on his defaulted student loan debt. We were retained to see if we could resolve the debt outside of the litigation. After a few rounds of negotiating, National Collegiate Trust’s attorneys agreed to accept $8,000.00, payable in a lump sum to settle this private student loan. We helped our client save $7,900.00 on his student loan debt. He was also able to avoid the uphill battle of trying to defend against the lawsuit filed against him. 
  • Credit Card Debt Relief Our client owed Capital One approximately $8,300.00 for a defaulted credit card debt. She became unable to pay after being involved in a pretty bad car accident. She suffered a loss of income as a result and chose to retain Freedom Debt Relief to help her settle her debts. Freedom is a debt relief company that offers services similar to our firm. However, once Capital One sued this client, Freedom told her she would have to find an attorney since they are not licensed attorneys. Thankfully, she found us and we were able to quickly negotiate a settlement for this client for a payment of $4,400.00. We saved our client approximately $3,900.00 on this credit card debt and helped her avoid litigation, something Freedom Debt Relief could not do.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief Our client obtained a credit card from Citibank. When he became unable to pay back on the charges he made on the account, Citibank sent the account into collections. Eventually, Citibank sold the account to Midland Funding when they could not get him into a repayment agreement. They sued him and ended up getting a judgment for approximately $14,500.00. We were retained to represent this client at this time. Our client had the benefit of third-party funds to help facilitate a settlement of this account. After explaining some of the extreme hardships our client has endured over the past several years, including essentially zero income, we convinced Midland Funding to accept a lump sum settlement of $6,000.00 to settle this account. We saved our client over $8,500.00 on this judgment. He can now continue to recover from the hardships he has endured and live his life free of this debt.
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