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The Gamez Law Firm negotiates aggressively with creditors to reduce our clients' unsecured debts including credit card debt, 2nd mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs), medical debts and student loan debt. 


Client owed $45,000 to Bank of America for business line of credit. We were successful in negotiating a settlement of $15,000, saving our client $30,000.

Client owed $11,391.75 to National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.  We negotiated the debt down to $5,000 to be paid over 48 months.

A client emailed me last week telling me she was able to buy her Christmas tree this year thanks to the settlement I negotiated for her.
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December 2014 Newsletter


"Wiggle Out Of Student Loan Debt"
If you're at least 65 years old and still burdened with student loan debt, attorney Daniel R. Gamez, a specialist in debt settlement, has some suggestions for digging yourself out.  

"5 Debt Relief Options You Can Use Right Now"
 Debt happens.  For a variety of reasons people can easily fall into a debt trap due to a loss of income, unexpected medical expenses, or many other of life's unexpected events. Here are 5 debt relief options you can use right now. 


"Senior Citizens and Student Loan Debt"
Am I immune from collection of student loan debt if I am retired? Nationwide, student loan debt exceeds $1 trillion.  According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, four percent of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 has some form of student loan debt in 2010.  Read more...

"Refinancing Private Student Loan Debt"
Graduates with private student loans don't get the same luxuries as they would with federal student loans.  Repayment begins almost immediately and forbearance and deferments aren't usually an option  Read more...

"5 tips to Help Fix Your Credit"
Having a good credit score is important for a number of reasons.  If you are looking to buy a house or a car, rent an apartment, or even set up utilities, your credit score will have to come into play.  Read more...
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