Attorney, Daniel R. Gamez
The Gamez Law Firm negotiates aggressively with creditors to significantly reduce our clients' unsecured debts including:

Credit Card Debt

Student Loan Debt  
Medical Debt
Small Business Loans

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)
Lawsuit Defense for Debt Collection


Our client was overwhelmed with her approximately $94,000 in Federal Student Loans and Private Student Loans. She could not afford the payments on both. After going through her income and expenses, we determined that she would likely qualify for an income-based repayment plan on her Federal Student Loans. We contacted her lender and were able to reduce her Federal Student Loan payment down to $25.00 per month for the next 12 months. She can re-apply for this repayment plan every year and can now afford her Private Student Loan payments as well.

Our client owed ARS National Services, a third-party debt buyer, $3,708.00. We negotiated a settlement of $1,297.00, payable in a lump sum. Our client saved 65% of the amount owed and will soon be debt-free.

Our client owed Citibank $8,410.00. In just one phone call, we convinced their collection agency to settle for $2,106.00, saving our client 75% of the amount claimed due.

Our client owed ARS National Services, a third-party debt buyer,  $4,389.00. We negotiated a settlement of $1,200.00, payable in a lump sum. Our client saved approximately 73% of the amount owed.



Encore & Portfolio Recovery Associates Ordered to Stop Unfair Debt Collection Practices
Last Wednesday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) ordered two of the nations largest debt collectors, Encore Capital Group and Portfolio Recovery Associates, to refund consumers millions of dollars due to their deceptive debt collection practices. Both companies are in the business of collecting old debt and likely knew there were potential issues that would prohibit them from legally collecting on the debt.  



The profits the banks make are maddening. The banks love it when you only pay the minimum due. You are their best friend. But, what happens if you miss a payment? The banks slap you with their penalty rate of 29.99%. Now, your already difficult minimum payment just jumped higher and the length of time to pay off this debt just doubled. And your old best friend? The creditors fight dirty, putting you into collections and starting the repetitive robo-calls to your house and employer, or even taking you to court.

The truth is, you can fight back and you have many options. You must choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your situation. The most common solutions include paying back your creditors in full, debt settlement, bankruptcy, or debt consolidation. Paying back your creditors in full may not be feasible if you are already missing payments and bankruptcy is never the first choice solution when an alternative exists. At Gamez Law Firm we focus on debt settlement.  Through a debt settlement, our firm negotiates aggressively with your creditors to reduce the total amount that you will pay back.  Oftentimes, we can cut your debt in half or more.


The Gamez Law firm is committed to fighting creditors, reducing the total amount you owe, and providing you with a life free of debt through debt settlement.

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