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Arise and Build

Our new worship and recreation building is still under construction. The insulation was just installed and we have now started interior painting. Church members have volunteered to do much of the painting for the new building. Lights, electric fans, front doors, and other materials have been ordered; and excitement for using the facility for the Kingdom of God continues to build.

The Lord blessed us with an opportunity to acquire an adjacent plot land that will provide the much-needed parking spaces. It also will give the church an alternate access route to the property, for times when the main highway traffic is backed up.

As a swampy, former rice patty field, huge amounts of backfill had to be trucked in and there are still much drainage and road works to be done. But this land will greatly enhance the community’s accessibility to the Center.

The new property that was purchased includes a corner bordering 2 roads (under construction) of a residential subdivision.

                       COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS IN THE PHILIPPINES

...have slowed completion of our new building that Jake MacLeod and Joe Mahaffey have been so involved in.  We could not get some of the needed construction supplies, as only essential goods were allowed to be delivered into this Province. 

Now that the number of covid cases has gone down, we are back on the move and steadily making progress. The church has held numerous in-person services already in the new building.

Despite the government’s slightly relaxing community quarantine protocols, people under 15 years of age and those over 60 are still supposed to stay home and are not permitted in public places. No schools will be allowed to open for in-person classes, throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Most of the Philippines is still very fearful and cautious about catching the disease. Nonetheless, attendance at physical church services is gradually picking up and online ministry continues to be a priority.

In the case of our mission work here in San Fernando, we are very fortunate that our networks of cell group leaders have continued teaching, ministering, and winning souls as they faithfully have gathered online and never missed a beat the entire duration of the pandemic.  We have also been blessed with talented, “techy” volunteers who have a desire to use their knowledge and skills for the Lords’ ministry.


Adjacent to the former strip club that we’ve acquired and repurposed, there’s a place that is notoriously sinful. In fact, this area of the city is known as “Mistress Village”, because many of the women there work in the bars of prostitution. In most of the homes we visit here, siblings have different fathers, usually whom they’ve never met.

It is a dark and densely-populated community where nearly every household is oppressed with one form of addiction or another. Drug and alcohol abuse is the norm, as well as gambling, gossip, and sexual immorality.

God opened a great door of opportunity during the pandemic to conduct evangelistic cell group meetings in one of the houses there. Many women came to know the Lord Jesus and are studying the Bible through our discipleship training classes. Some of them are now boldly inviting their friends and neighbors to not only join the small group studies but also attend the Sunday worship services being held each week at the former strip club. 

The once-popular nightclub sits right in the heart of the red light light district (which Jake MacLeod renamed the “Bright Light  District” while working with us in the Philippines).

A nightclub pimp and former bar owner talk about
how God has turned their lives around.


Jake MacLeod was a huge part of building the 1500-seat worship and recreation center in San Fernando, Philippines. From fundraising to physically pouring concrete and erecting prefabricated steel, Jake gave his all to see the dream come to fruition. Donations that were received in honor and memory of Jake MacLeod, are being used to help people get out of the sex trade industry and provide capital to help get small businesses started.

One example is Julie, the owner of a videoke bar that used to employ young girls. After encountering Jesus, Julie made the decision to permanently close down the business and trust the Lord’s provision for a decent livelihood.

She has now received Jesus and been baptized into Christ and is growing as His disciple. Together with her teenage son, they are now active in the church family and are trying to start up a small food stand.

 (Former) Bar owner (Julie)

Carol (with a family of 8) had no source of income. She is now being helped to make a living by God’s grace and through gifts that were given in memory of Jake MacLeod.   

Bambi & Zion meet with Carol with two of her sons at their fledgling, small business 

Roger is an elderly family man who lost his job at the public market because of the pandemic and health problems. He was given working capital to start a small business in memory and honor of Jake MacLeod.


So far this year, we have baptized 18 people into Christ; and as many others are studying the Bible and growing in their faith, we expect more followers of Jesus will make this decision also.

Easter services and baptisms

(Tim gives an update in this short video clip) 



The Philippines has a young population (median age of 24 years old). Not only are persons over 60 years old confined to home quarantine, but the elderly have become increasingly neglected and disregarded in the community.

In response to this, we started an outreach. Bambi got together with some other Christian ladies to bake delicious banana bread. We delivered this bread together with a care package of vitamins and the services of a nurse to check the blood pressure of the elderly.

Each of the seniors was serenaded with “You Are My Sunshine”, followed by a praise & worship song, a sharing from the Word of God, and a prayer of blessing. Tears of joy were seen streaming down the faces of the precious elderly.  Once again, the love of God was manifested.

Engaging Filipinos with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Isaiah 43:18-19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”


Bambi has been really going full speed ahead lately at winning souls and making disciples. She goes into the “Mistress Village” where people’s lives have been torn apart.  She teaches the gospel of Jesus with great passion from the Lord. Bambi and Kristine lead together 4 open cell groups of kids, mothers, and bar workers each week. She also conducts a weekly Bible training class, aside from discipling her team of 12 female network leaders each and every week.

Zion, at 10 years old, has recently started leading his own cell group with a group of children he befriended from unsaved families ages 4-11 years old. The children are not at all behaved or respectful and tend to give Zion a hard time, but he is learning how to love and share the Word of God with love to others.

Thank you so much for your faithful and generous support of our mission work.  On behalf of the Filipino people, and in particular, the saints in San Fernando, Philippines, we love you and glorify God for the sacrifices that you all are making so that many others will be saved.  We are honored and grateful to be your missions partners for the cause of God’s Kingdom.

Timothy & Bambi Warden

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