Universities are dangerous places, in two senses...

Universities are dangerous to those who seek to control a nation with their brand of radical ideology
, whether radical Islam, Marxism or Secularism. It is much harder to control men and women who receive an education and learn to think for themselves. Therefore many see universities as one of the greatest threats to their power. As has often been said, the three square feet behind a university lectern is the most dangerous real estate in a nation! 

As a result, universities are dangerous places for many students and faculty worldwide. Those who wish to control thought often violently attack the universities in their nations. This morning we witnessed a horrific attack at the American University in Kabul, Afghanistan where seven students, one professor, and five security personnel were killed, and another 35 were wounded, according to recent reports. We often hear of similar attacks in Africa by Boko Haram, the ISIS affiliate based in Nigeria, who's name literally means "Western education is forbidden." Boko Haram is now responsible for more deaths than any other ISIS-affiliated group. The same is true in many other nations. 

We must pray fervently for these universities, students, and professors! We must pray for the universities in these nations to flourish, in spite of the dangers, and teach students the truth that will free them from tyranny. First and foremost, that they will understand the truth that sets them free spiritually from the tyranny of the Evil One (" will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32). Furthermore, we must pray students have professors who are willing to stay in such dangerous situations to teach truth that leads to human flourishing--ideas such as the value of human life, compassion and forgiveness (see Jeremiah 29:4-8).

In this context please continue to pray for the 101 Global Scholars professors who have followed God's call and are now teaching in 33 nations. Pray they are beacons of hope, truth and "shalom" to their students, colleagues, and nations, and that they have a deep and long-lasting influence in these places of great need.

Thank you so much for your partnership to fulfill the vision of one day every university student in the world having a Christian professor who can help them live and lead as Christ's followers in their nations.

For Christ and Universities Worldwide,

Dr. Stan Wallace
President and CEO


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