June 2019

Dear friends,

It’s that time of year! Someone you know or love is graduating! The playing of “Pomp and Circumstance” reminds us of classmates, academic accomplishments, and moving on to more schooling—or a career.

Bill and Lisa Clark have been part of Global Scholars since 2005. The Navigators, with whom they have served since 1981, seconded Bill and Lisa to Global Scholars. Bill grew up in western New York. After graduating from the State University of New York, he worked with students at Ithaca College and later at Penn State. In forty years, Bill and Lisa have attended many graduation ceremonies. Some of the most poignant have been at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), where Bill teaches Biology and Environmental Science. He also uses his expertise in water conservation to serve on a committee that leads green initiatives on campus. 

AUBG recently celebrated its twenty-fifth graduation ceremony. The liberal arts university follows an American university model. It enrolls about 1000 students in nine majors and eleven minors. Even though it is in Blagoevgrad, a city in southwest Bulgaria near the border of North Macedonia, AUBG's students come from forty nations. Almost half of the students are non-Bulgarian. Bill snapped a photo of the recent graduation ceremony. He reminded his readers, “These young men and women will be entering the professional world or attending graduate school in Bulgaria, across Europe, and around the world.” What a privilege it is to be a professor serving in global higher education, like Bill. Global Scholars professors like Bill are available to communicate the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christ in the power of the Spirit for the flourishing (shalom) of society as they serve Christ.

Christian professors like Bill see their share of students who graduate without having trusted Christ. Bill and Lisa have built lasting relationships with students, planting seeds that often bear fruit over time. Bill writes about two such students in the next photo:

“These two young men graduated from AUBG about 5 years ago.  They are from a country where the Gospel has not penetrated the culture. We’ve stayed in touch with them over the years, and Lisa and I had a good time talking with them about their spiritual journeys.  They are not believers, but God is working in their lives. Please pray they would come to know Him.”

Please join us in praying for Bill and Lisa’s students. Pray also for all Global Scholars professors as they labor for Christ on scores of university campuses around the world.

Thank you so much for your support of Global Scholars! Your gifts allow professors to have a redemptive influence among students, colleagues, and universities worldwide.


For Christ and universities worldwide,

Dr. Stan W. Wallace
President and CEO, Global Scholars
Graduation day in Singapore
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