Sounds of Sirius - The Angelic Voice of Lia Scallon
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Dear Friends,
Thank you from my heart to all of you from across the globe who joined our sacred ceremony last Wednesday, to receive the Galactic download of energy made available to us. It was a powerful and beautiful day on the mountain in Yungaburra, and from the communications I've received, it seems it was just as powerful for many of you too.
As a gift of gratitude to all who took part, as well as a desire to offer an opportunity to those who were unable to join with us on the day to experience the energy, I've decided to share a video clip of the actual Transmission. You will find this as a Free Download at the bottom of this newsletter. There are two versions – a 4.21 minute one if you'd like to tune into the energy but are shorten time, and a second 27.01 minute version for those who wish to immerse themselves more deeply in the experience. Although this Transmission may not be professionally recorded, I trust that the energy will reach you in the way it is meant to, and that it will provide a catalyst for the Activation of your soul’s Original Blueprint.
As always, Spirit had the last word in fine-tuning the setting, the number of attendees and the timing of the gathering! A Divine plan was clearly evident in the detail! Read Full Story

What People Experienced
“Greetings from the green isle of Ireland. My hair was standing on end and I have goosebumps still as I read your note about the galactic energy infusion to come on Wednesday. All I know is that I need to set up the alarm to be there.” Ziggy
“OMGosh Lia, that's amazing! For the last 2 days the numbers 11 and 11-11 have just been  continually coming at me ... truly!” Lynda O’Loughlin
“I have never experienced a meditation such as this, it was very special, I had with me my two crystal skulls and my Source Stone on my altar - very powerful.” Nay Jean Crystal                                                                          
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Time knows no Boundaries
Thank you one and all for being part of this special ceremony, whether you connected with us on the day, or choose to do so now in retrospect by experiencing the download via the video transmission. Time knows no boundaries. I believe if you set the intention and sit with an open heart, the energies gifted from the Galactic Source on February 25th through the unique planetary alignment, will be available to you each time you tune into this Transmission. Interestingly, March 2015 is an '11' month in numerology, which means that the energy of the number '11' so potently in evidence in bringing through this Transmission, will continue unabated over the coming weeks!
May the gifs of Self-Love, Joy and the realization of your own Divinity reveal themselves to you from deep within, now that we have entered the New Age of Wisdom. Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.
Much Love and many Blessings.
short version - 4.21 min

long  version - 27.01 min