How could things improve in the 2nd half of the term?

Another exciting month ahead………..

I am out on the road again:
just let me know when you would like me to visit your group or school.

Tuesday 8th Nov: Talking with PATOSS assessors. My topic - Using Visualisation to improve learning and how can assessors help.
5th-6th Nov: Happy parent=happy child My topic - Can parents shop Dyslexia happening?
Nov 7th-9th: Putting Mama First: My topic - The lightening rod - how to stay calm when your kids are sucking your energy
26th November: International Men’s Day, Marsh Farm - My topic - the Myths around Neurodiversity

How to support schools who are having to cut back:

Empowering Learning has a set of free on-line live webinars, every Thursday, just click here for the details and book the best dates for you.

Our new initiative to
Scaffold Easy Literacy for 3-5 year olds, is gathering momentum. It is a unique approach to the ever growing increase in Dyslexia amoungst creative children who are confused by phonics and we show haw easily it can be integrated into the years framework. I will be so excited when this simple hack can be shown to benefit every child’s development.
Click here for details.

Trying to fund a diagnosis?
Check out their ability to learn visually
first. Not being able to keep words and pictures still in your imagination, is just a missing skill, that is easy to learn.
Come to one of the free online live webinars.

Special Offer: Free Coaching for kids

When you can help others, but your own child won’t listen, that is normal. When you train as an Empowering Learning practitioner, I will coach your own children for FREE.

Have a great month!

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