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Hey all y'all,

It's a summer abundance of activity. We spent last week in the woods, resting and reading among towering pine trees. But now it's back to the keyboard, the screens, the crowds--funny how it's a totally different sort of busy-ness in the forest. Lots to cover this week, giddy-up. 

xo, avw 

A true Stew update. 

First off, there is new art. It was fun to make. My 100 day project is mostly complete. Ay Dios Mio-willing, I'll have a handful of final pieces to share next week. 

Two save the dates: 
  1. WOOHOO, I AM TABLING AT THE SF ZINE FEST on SEPTEMBER 1st, 2019 at the SF COUNTY FAIR BUILDING! This is my first zine fest that I will be selling stuff. I’ll have zines, necklaces (!), and art for sale. This is one of my favorite events and you’ll leave with a ton of goodies from amazing people, promise.
  2. The Stew will be open during Weekend 2 - Oct. 19-20 for SF Open Studios. I’ll have more information and reminders as we approach it. Come see where the magic happens, buy some art, and get out there to visit other studios nearby. 

Splash from the past. 

I got an email notification from a big-in-the-00s video-hosting site, Vimeo, this week to let me know that someone liked one of my videos. “Huh, one of MY videos?” One click and I saw that 11 years ago I uploaded a series of 4 clips from a birthday trip to Florida.

I rewatched them all and my first thought was, “Oh, I love her so much.” It’s just such a lovely little series. In those moments my dad was alive again, likely sitting behind me in my childhood home reading or doing yard work. And I was perfectly content to sit in one of my favorite places on earth and just splash around and chat. Save the river, none of that exists anymore. 

As someone still struggling to even figure out what loving yourself feels like, it was strange to watch a distant me be so idiosyncratic, and to not be embarrassed or find flaws. Think about your 24 year old self. Can you send them a little hug or high-five? They probably needed it. I could've used one from now-me.

Hey there, cowboy. 

Tunes in the studio right now are a near-constant playing of Pony, a new album by masked gay cowboy crooner Orville Peck. His gorgeous baritone pairs country-esque ballads with an indie rock vibe. The Dead of Night music video is a good start. 

Look, book. 

DID YOU KNOW: you can suggests books for the library to purchase! When I search for something in their catalog and nothing comes up, there’s the option “Suggest a New Item that we may add to our collection.” I’m pretty sure there’s a lifetime (?) limit of 10, and sure, I’ve sent them 6 already. It's awesome. 

My track record: 
  • The SFPL now has Feminists Don't Wear Pink (And Other Lies): Amazing Women on What the F Word Means to Them on eBook. 
  • They’re ordering It Speaks to Me: Art That Inspires Artists (which I saw at the SF Art Book Fair last weekend.)
  • Mindful Crafting: The Maker's Creative Journey by Sarah Samuel and What Artists Do by Leonard Koren are still under consideration. (Both are friend recommendations--I'm surprised the SFPL doesn't have them.)
  • They definitely won’t get the book or eBook of Threads: The Delicate Life of John Craske. Ah well. 
How's your summer going? 

Plz fwd 2 ppl. 

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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