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And a special hello(!) to those of you who moseyed over here from my donut art newsletter retirement. There's plenty of good stuff to share this week, and even more waiting in the wings next week. That's what a break'll do for ya! Let's hop to it, people. 

xo, avw 

New art update, finally! 

MY GOODNESS, this took a long time but there is finally an update of new and work-in-progress pieces. Took a month, but we have regular childcare again after an unexpected break. I love living with a paintbrush in hand. 

(An experiment: I moved this collection from Tumblr to my website. What do you think? It just feels right on my end.)

Beautiful and weird! 

I love a music video that catapults sight and sound beyond individual elements. The music video for The Barrel by Aldous Harding started as a small footnote in the Brass Ring Daily newsletter yet left me thinking about its peculiarities for days afterward. Also these lyrics, my goodness...

When you have a child
So begins the braiding
And in that braid you stay

New album, due April! If you need me I’ll be acquainting myself with her catalog. 

An ask... 

Do you have experience with a crit group? Or a creative support group that meets regularly? Irregularly? Here in San Francisco, I end up feeling pretty out there and on my own most days in regards to stretching and trying new things with my work. If you have experience, I'd love to hear about what work(s)(ed) for you. Do I need to start my own? Or how do I find one out there that doesn't require me hanging my butt out there with a group of strangers not invested in a relationship? How does one bridge the gap?

I am the grateful recipient of time and energy from a wonderful group of creatives with whom I previously did have a group with but I've always been curious about connecting ferreal with other visual artists. Also: scary! So just putting it out there: any ideas, universe? 

Ha ha funnies! 

A twitter thread from a friend (hey, Maggie!) pointed me to Strange Planet, a comic that celebrates wonderfully odd human norms from an alien’s POV.

(I try not to be yet another voice recommending work by [seemingly] straight white dudes. That’s how you know I really enjoy into this one.)  
Something here spark your memory of a friend? Go ahead, forward it to them. 

Thanks for reading, friend! I truly appreciate it. :) 
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