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Hey gang,

I sat down last week to piece this thing together and there was a big blank. I figured out that if I don’t feel like I have something to share, I shouldn’t. There’s no dearth this week and I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn something new. 

xo, avw 


I’m perpetually hoping to slack the line connecting me and my phone, so I was curious when I learned about the benefits of turning your phone to grayscale from Of A Kind’s newsletter. The story goes: apps use color to draw your attention, therefore making things black and white bypasses the little enticing banners and badges. Also: scrolling Insta is way less interesting. I added the shortcut and so far find it very helpful and I’m able to keep in mind more clearly why I picked the damn phone up. The whole idea reminds me of work because…

Grayscale, Part 2! 

One of the best things I learned during my time as a studio assistant was a value-seeing shortcut. Refresher: “Value is defined as the relative lightness or darkness of a color.”

What this practice looks like for me: I take a picture of what I’m working on, make it black and white in the photo edit settings, and then find the spots that I need more depth, definition, form. If I’m using a photo as source material, turning it black-and-white helps me get a handle on the coloring. Which also reminds me of work because…

100 Days of Fancy People! 

I am officially into my 100 Day Project, which is called 100 Days of Fancy People.

I paint people. They’re fancy, fashionable, fabulous. It’s terrifying. I use this greyscale trick a LOT of help myself. 

It’s hard to be helplessly bad at something again. It’s hard to see a finished painting that might not bear an actual resemblance to whatever my starting idea was. That said, I’m having a lot of fun. It’s a lot less strict than previous projects. I don’t work on it every day. I count times I touch a piece towards the day count. Also: drag queens!

My semi-weekly drip-drop is Instagram, or you can find weekly additions in the New Art section of my website

(Photo credit: The inimitable @TrixieMattel's Instagram account.)
Hey, hang in there!

If you know someone who would enjoy something on here, forward it to them. 

Thank you, friend! 
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