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Hey gang,

I'm home from Mexico! I hung out with an amazing array of incredible women. It was awesome. Going to New York next week! Also the 4th is my birth day so... no newsletter. See you at 35.  

xo, avw 


There's new art. You can look at it.

This brief message brought to you by: newsletter writing on a deadline. 

Full heart! 

After 4 full days of writing, photography, food, and the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, I am happy to be home. It was the sort of trip that churns up all your top soil and plants some new seeds. 

If you write, or in any way live a creative life, I heartily recommend doing anything you can with Laurie Wagner. She has some upcoming Wild Writing courses IRL and online that served as a daily opener in Mexico. She talks a bit (really grounds the practice), reads a poem, gives you a few jump-off points, and you write (non-stop) for 10-15 minutes. One person then reads their piece, you simply acknowledge it, then the next person reads, and on until everyone's read. It's so simple but my goodness, sharing your heart and being heard/not judged is powerful stuff.

If you lean towards photography or want to put your writing towards sharing (like blogging), Andrea Scher is it. Our nightcap was an evening photo walk, which was a great time to absorb Andrea's infectious positivity and realize that yes, it's possible to live like that.

Spend time (and money) with these two incredible women. Stoked to keep moving, learning, and growing. Giddyup!

Women artists everywhere... 

Women Who Draw is a collection (nay, a celebration!) of women, trans, and gender non-conforming illustrators, artists, and cartoonists. Each artist is introduced with what? A drawing of a woman. Scroll through and be amazed. Or better yet, hire. ;) 

(When it first started, I didn’t have any drawings of women I wanted to use. A couple years later, Caftan Ladies. Long desired, I applied this week.) 

Skater Boi

Jake Phelps died two weeks ago. There’s no reason my life and his would intersect except that I sat next to him on a plane. He dropped a few strange biographical morsels during the flight, where he talked to and at me for the time it took to get from Houston to San Francisco. I got home and Googled. Lo, there he was, Jake Phelps, Thrasher Magazine. Shortly after, The California Sunday did a piece on him and I saw him a few times around the Mission. By all accounts he was an asshole but I think the world’s a bit duller when people living their truth are no more. Adios, hombre. 
How are you feeling today?

If you know someone who would enjoy something on here, forward it to them. 

Thank you, friend! 
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