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My impulse is to apologize for not sending out a newsletter the past two weeks. The first week I plum forgot and the next time I was well aware but out of energy. Combined with not feeling like I had anything much to share or say, I kept my butt planted on the couch in blissful self-acceptance. 

But things are fertile over here. My days, when intact, finally accumulate into a rhythm and the ingredients needed to keep things working. I need chunks of uninterrupted time, 5 minutes of meditation, music, outside time, reading (which usually parlays into), a rest time, and physical movement that I enjoy.

After the dry spell, I'm finally encountering inspiring, wonderful tidbits and I'm happy to share them once again. 

xo, avw 

Look at new paintings.

For such a long break, there is both more and less completed work than I’d expect or hope. But what’s there is really good stuff and I’m feeling very much finding a groove for art-making. This collection is only finished pieces and does not include the 4 foot tall gouache (!) caftan lady I’m working on at present.

There are also a lot of new necklace tours collected in a pinned story on Instagram. (If that sentence doesn't make sense, click through and you'll see what I mean though I'm really sorry you do need an Instagram account. *eyeroll*)

"...attention is of the essence of our powers." 

There’s a quote I printed out from Austin Kleon’s blog and hung in my bathroom. (the highest praise) It’s from architect Louis Sullivan in his book Kindergarten Chats. He talks about paying attention. It fits nicely with a lot of the themes a book I'm reading right now, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by the artist and thinker-noticer Jenny Odell. 

Eyes say, "Wow!" 

I was immediately transfixed by Alice Tippet's work. I don't know anything about her or her work, I just know I love looking at it

Read a poem. 

To Those Who Follow in Our Wake by Bertolt Brecht is a poem that I want to spend more time examining. Heavy duty but there's a tension that is familiar in it.
How R U?

Forwarding welcome. 

Thanks, friend :)
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