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The unwitting theme to this week’s newsletter is things that give me a lot of pleasure. Enjoy :) 

xo, avw 

Thank you, Beyoncé. 

In true Mom-fashion, I watch Beyonce’s Homecoming in 20-30 minute chunks of available time. (Still not done!)  I don’t look at my phone, or anywhere else but that screen when she and her cadre of musicians and dancers perform. I rewind, I re-watch. It’s slow and really awesome viewing. 

More accessible to me is her live album. (Historically, I do not enjoy live albums.) I’ve played it a dozen times at least. And it gives me a jolt of energy, enthusiasm, and hope when I haven’t felt any. Which gave me the thought… 

How many other acts of creativity are fueled by this (her, their) creation? 


+2 Fancy People

My kiddo went under the knife for a dermoid cyst this week so not much studio time this week. (He's doing just fine.) But! I do have two more fancy people portraits finished

Wakey Wakey. 

Now that I can choose the song I wake-up to 4 days a week, I found my ultimate: it’s the Clams Casino instrumental track for a Lil B track called I’m God and it samples an Imogen Heap song, Just for Now.

Give it at least 30 seconds in, k? And sometimes about it coming from an iPhone speaker makes it better? ZAP and KA-POW good morning! 

How're you now? 

My TV sweet spot is a 20-30 minutes comedy. A few months ago we gave a quirky Canadian show about life in the rural town of Letterkenny a shot. While it’s a bit of an acquired taste, I loves it. This clip, Baby Wayne, is a pretty good introduction. All 6 seasons are on Hulu. Start at the beginning. And give it a few episodes. 
You're awesome. 

If you know someone who would enjoy something on here, forward it to them. 

Thanks :) 
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