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Prost! From Bamberg, Germany

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5/16/18 6:30 – 8:30, XXoz Meeting (woman’s beer club, open to the public)
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The Bier Stein Invitational Beer Fest
Join us on Saturday, June 2 from 12-8pm for our third annual Invitational Beer Fest! We work closely with breweries to bring a wide range of superb beers to this event. We're still getting all the juicy details worked out, but here is a list of who we've got on board so far. The breweries marked with an * will be pouring special collaboration beers done with our beer buyer, bartenders, and kitchen staff. 
Oregon Wood Fired Pizza will be slinging pies outside (our kitchen is also open for normal service), and live music will be provided by High Tolerance and Soul Vibrator.
Stay tuned to social media for more information about the fest and volunteer opportunities!
See you there!
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Hop Valley*  /    Ninkasi   /   Oakshire*
pFriem   /   Pelican   /   PlankTown     
Viking   /   Yachats   /   Draper
Nectar Creek   /   Cascade Brewing*   /   Allegory
Monkless   /   Modern Times – PDX   /   Ecliptic

(Photo by Wendy Gregory)
Hopfen, Malz, Wasser, Hefe... und Rauch!
Bamberg's native brew is drinking history
by Aaron Brussat

Prost! *clink mugs, tap on table, drink with eye contact*
You've just gotten wonderfully lost in Bamberg, Germany. The labyrinth of cobbled, barely labeled roads that led southeast of the city center, up hills and through neighborhoods of red-roofed houses until you thought it'd be dusk before you got there; the trilobyte trails that indicate a bygone era of closeness, before we could push the speedometer to 200 km/h on the autobahn and just get there (somewhere), that now confuse the gridlocked city slickers who immerse themselves in this warren of shops, bars, and hidden wooden doors to nowhere; the streets have led you astray again and again, but your thirst kept your stone-addled dogs a-steppin'.
You're at Spezial Keller, the beer garden on the hill. It is green all around, and sunny, and just barely cool. It is springtime, and pollen lashes your eyes while birds and bees do their respective things. A waiter approaches your table on the lawn and says something you don't understand, except "bier." Just nod and say "ja, bitte."

(Spezial Keller, Bamberg)
When it arrives in a gray ceramic stein with a seafoam white head and you take that first swig to wet your upper lip, as the sweat that soaked through your shirt starts to tickle, it dawns on you that you're in Bamberg digging into a rauchbier, and that's the right place to be.
Rauchbier means smoked beer. It includes a good portion of malt that has been kilned using beech wood (traditionally; some is smoked over oak), which infuses the grains with smoky character. The lagered versions are exceptionally smooth, as the smoke flavor gives one the impression of a sausage, or a campfire. Not all rauchbiers are as intense as the main imports to the U.S., from Aecht Schlenkerla (from Brauerei Heller-Trum); Spezial is a great example, as the smoke never really veers into sausage or campfire territory, and is as refreshing as a Munich Dunkel (mine went down so fast I didn't get a photo!).

(your rather thrilled author at Spezial Keller with the smoked Weissbier)
Rauchbier comes in a variety of traditional German styles; our shelves always have a handful of Schlenkerla, and the occasional appearance of Spezial. I once heard a German say that one must drink 3-5 liters of rauchbier in order to fully appreciate it-- maybe not at once, but it certainly does the trick. 
Those two breweries are the only ones who brew rauchbier in Bamberg; the other seven make [also delicious] lagers and hefeweizens, and the occasional IPA (because IPA, right?). Before modern malting techniques came into use in the 18th century, all malt was kilned with fire and would have displayed at least a small amount of smoky flavor. Now, Bambergers will immediately ask visitors if they've had it, a sign of pride that the tradition continued in their town. 
There are many other smoked beers that appear semi-regularly on our shelves and tap list; Alaskan Smoked Porter is a classic, and Plank Town uses a bit of peat smoked malt in its Foggy Scotsman Scotch Porter. Any homebrewers reading this should take a pinch of the different smoked malts at the homebrew shop next time; the flavor is intense!
Bamberg also happens to be an incredibly well preserved city; it wasn't bombed out during the war, so you're almost literally stepping back in time (aside from the wifi, cars, modern tailoring... you know). It is certainly worth a two night stay. Real beer seekers will also take the 15-Euro tour at Weyermann Malting Company, just 15 minutes walk from the center. Weyermann provides high quality malt to breweries all over the world, and works with 500 farmers in Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The tour covers the process from grain to glass, with a beer tasting at the end that includes rauchbier and other styles made at the maltings' pilot brewery.
Traveling with beer in mind requires a little planning and a lot of patience, but pays off even before you've finished your first mug. Rauchbier is a special brew that takes the finesse of hundreds of years of practice. Enjoy one soon! Prost!

Bamberg, Germany

Seasonal Menu - May & June

Pub Personal Pizzas
Pizzas are topped with greens and parmesan
Hofbrau Hefeweizen tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, house cheese blend, smoked ham, and spicy Sriracha pickled pineapple
Oregon white wine cream sauce, mozzarella, pears, hazelnuts, and Rogue Creamery Blue cheese (V)

Bier Stein Pickle Plate (VG)
Seasonal house pickled fruits and vegetables
Recommended Pairing - Upright Saison Vert (Cooler Door 9)

Quinoa Lentil Salad (VG)
Served warm with greens and house made Romesco

Recommended Pairing - Monkless Capitulation (Cooler Door 7)

Toasted Ravioli
Breaded and deep-fried ravioli stuffed with Italian sausage, house cheese blend, and spinach. Served with Hofbrau Hefeweizen tomato sauce

Crab Cakes
Served with a side salad tossed in Stiegl Lemon Radler vinaigrette, cucumber slices, and sweet chile remoulade

Chicken Sausages
Served with Oregon white wine cream sauce, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes, and spinach
Recommended Pairing - Alesong White (Cooler Door 9)

Our take on a classic dessert - lady finger cookies soaked in Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad and mascarpone custard

Staff Picks!

Lacey - Burnside Free the Juice
Burnside’s Free the Juice has a sweet citrusy nose. This hazy IPA is bright and luscious with a balanced bitter finish. Drink it up!
Tony - Gigantic/Alesong Big Brett Love
A brettiful marriage between Eugene and Portland. The nose is different than the pallet. Strong notes of brett and oak on the nose. It opens up to unripe strawberry as it warms, but maintains its smooth yet complex drinkability!
Lindsey - Pelican Beak Breaker
A nice balance of citrus and pine. Just a delicious classic northwest style double IPA!
Kyle - Upland Revive 
Striking acidity and floral chamomile blend seamlessly together with juicy pineapple to create a thirst quenching summer treat. The flavors are overt, but never overbearing. A fantastic new addition to the cooler!
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