Happy New Year. Let’s hope its a better one.

Welcome to my first newsletter direct from my desk on a cold wintery morning here in Barnsley.

Those of you who know or follow me may know that I only started my writing journey 5 months ago during August of 2020. It’s seems so much longer, than this, but thats because I have had this story that I am currently penning in my head since I was a child.

I was on holiday (yes I was very lucky and I did manage to get a holiday in 2020). I was laid on the beach and I was saddened that I hadn’t brought a good book to read on the beach. I am one of those people that like to hold a real book in my hands, not a downloaded one. And as I laid there and pondered, about not having a book I thought to myself I may as well have a go at writing my own. It was like a lightening bolt of information had just burst into my head.

It was really easy setting up the premise and story arch for the first book of three. The characters were already in my head. I just needed a bit of help naming them, (those who helped, thanks). What I wasn’t expecting was the journey the writer takes when they think about publishing (I am far away from publishing let me just get that out there) but its constantly there in the back of my mind thinking how or who is going to want to publish my work, is it even good enough?

Joining some writing forums and getting to know writers who have been on the same journey as I am, I have comfort in realising that all writers go through this stage.

So where am I at with my 1st book?

I am currently upto chapter 10 and have written 45,000 words. I have had a few months off, but intend to get right back into it. I intend my first draft to be completed by the end of July. Then the serious work begins sourcing a content editor, then a line editor, and finally a copy editor, all of which costs money. Who knew writing a book would cost money? Not me.

I have already got an Idea for my front cover. I want to recreate this image and make it my own, anyone volunteering to be the model in silhouette? Anyone interested in taking the photo? We think we have already sourced the back ground image, ill update you on that in february’s news letter.

Find my writing space

I bought a new desk and chair for writing, but the chair was so uncomfortable, so much so, I haven’t used the desk much. You have to be comfortable when sat in a chair at a desk for a long period of time, so I have splashed out and gone for it. New chair coming soon. Ill post a picture of my new writing space next month, with an update on the book.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Till then, see you in feb. Let the creative juices begin flowing again. Hopefully we will have all had our covid vaccine by then

Ok maybe not. Boris come on pull your finger out lad.

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