Spring is in the air.

Gee-whiz how time flies when you’re having fun.

Fun? Who? Where? Certainly not me, but time is flying by. Spring is not quite here yet, but it’s certainly in the air, well it was during the last week of February wasn’t it? That little bit of sun was lovely. It won’t be long before we hit March 20th and we can officially announce that we made it to spring 2021.

I’ve been busy in the garden, cleared the dead plants, jet washed the decking and I’ve even have had a new wooden gazebo built, ooh I’m posh now. My jasmine climbers are in position ready to grow, and I’ve planted some stolen seeds, in my flower beds. Let’s hope Adam doesn’t miss any. He bought loads of seeds as resources for his classroom ready for his next school topic. I just helped myself to a few, well they were screaming save me from the children, so I did. The kids would let them die off anyway. So you see, I’m always doing my bit.

News on my book then. Well, things have moved on a lot since I last wrote. I finally managed to complete the story. Sometimes when you are writing, you don’t know when to stop. I could have gone on for ever. So, I managed to round off the story with what I thought was a decent ending. What’s left over is the start of book 2.

As I type my book is now in the hands of my editor. She will iron out all my spelling and grammar as well as look at any plot holes, timelines, gaps etc. I’ve also hired an artist, who will hopefully design me a book cover that will sit along nicely with my best seller book to be. Positive thinking guys, positive thinking.

Writing this book has been the easy part. Publishing however is a different story. I have learnt so much over the last 3 weeks, and I have found that being an author, and trying to get published is an extremely hard, competitive market.

To get into the world of being a published author first of all you have to get a literacy agent, and if you are lucky to get an agent, the agent will then try to source you a publisher. Up to now I have written to about 20 literary agents who take on authors in my genre, but it could be months before anyone gets back to me, and if I am lucky that an agent likes my work and wants to take me on as an author, they then have to find a publishing house that also likes my work. This could and would probably take months if not years. It’s like going for an audition, if you’re an established actor and people know you can act, then you are probably going to be far more successful in getting other roles. Writing is very much the same. So I will wait till my book is published and becomes the best seller that it is destined to be, and then
I’ll try again to source an agent.

On that note I have decided to self-publish. This way I have full artistic control of over my content. No agent, or publishing house telling me how to write, change this scene, remove those words etc. So until I get an agent, and publishing deal I will be known as an indie author, and to be honest it’s got a nice ring to it, dont you think?

So that is where I am at. I’m just waiting on my manuscript coming back from the editor. On return of that, I will then send my manuscript out to my beta readers. During the beta reading, I will be finalising my front and back cover with my artist. Then it will be a final edit, and then it will be released. Oh my god!

I am currently working on some marketing, and promotions and you my friends will be the first to get the email notification of the pre-release date, and maybe you will have the opportunity of some promotional freebies as well.

So, fingers crossed then next time I email you will be to let you know of the pre-release date. If not, I will be in touch on April 1st with my next newsletter. (no April fools from me). Have a lovely March.

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