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- VRT sold to AVON RUBBER Plc
- New dive computer from OSEL
- Britannic Expedition 2014
- New Hollis Prism2 eCCR
- PTD Course Schedule
- Italian Deep Wreck Expedition 2013
- New instructor with PTD: Dennis Blom
- DIRrebreather manuals in PDF
- 2nd hand CCR's and other tek stuff
- Innerspace Explorers, KISS and PTD
- Apocalypse and Shearwater, Narked@90 POD and Narked@90 HUD
- JJ-CCR more popular then Megalodon?
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Pim's Tekdiving PTD

PIM'S TEKDIVING PTD is an organization which focuses 100% on technical diving. One can get training from Nitrox diver to Tri-Mix Instructor Trainer.  PTD is the only diving school based in The Netherlands,which only conducts technical diving training from different technical diving agencies.  PTD HQ is located in Abbenes (The Netherlands). Facilities are located throughout Europe.

Mission of PTD 
PTD introduces technical diving to a broader diving public and puts safety first! That's why PTD demands the most from its instructors and facilities. PTD contributes actively to (technical) diving research and (training).

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Pim's Tekdving PTD is specialized in rebreather training

We teach many rebreathers from air diluent diver to expedition trimix instructor. We are specialized in the Hollis Prism2, Apocalypse mCCR, and Megalodon. However we train also: KISS, Sentinel, Ouroboros, FGT, Submatix, Dolphin, Ray, rEvo, LAR, Azimuth, Pathfinder, etc.

New Hollis eCCR: Prism2 and PTD

This new exiting eCCR has been tested by PTD and has been awarded 4 stars. Read more about the test here. Furthermore PTD is the only diving center which offers training on mainland Europe approved by Hollis.
The recognized agencies by Hollis at this moment are IANTD, TDI and PADI. Innerspace Explorers and IART have submitted a request to be recognized as well. This is currently under proces. IART can already start conducting courses and issuing certification.
CE tests have been passed. Hollis is now finishing the paperwork.

New OSEL divecomputer

OSEL has announced that they will introduce a new divecomputer, the DC350. Apollo Plc will introduce the military version during IMDEX. Then OSEL will start building up stock of a civilian version, before releasing it for recreational diving. It will be at least after the summer I guess. The computer looks nice and will be OC/CC. It can be hard wired to the APOC iCCR and/or APOC mCCR. OSEL will also make an own POD for the mCCR. Here is a preview of the screen of the divecomputer.

DIRrebreather manuals in PDF available at Pim's Tekdiving PTD

The DIRrebreather manuals in PDF, easy to take along on your tablet

DIRrebreather Manual: 39,95 EUR 
DIRrebreather Rescue manual: 34,95 EUR 
DIRrebreather Instructor Manual: 24,95 EUR
DIRrebreather Fundamentals Workbook: 24,95 EUR
DIRrebreather X-Treme Manual: 44,95 EUR
DIRrebreather membership: 35 EUR/year

Send an email with the books you would like to order. They will be send by email to after receipt of payment through paypal. You will get a Paypal invoice.

New instructor at Pim's Tekdiving PTD

Dennis Blom is the newest instructor at PTD. He can teach open circuit courses until normoxic level from IANTD and NAUI.
Dennis is a GUE cave diver, IANTD Trimix CCR diver, IANTD Full Technical Cave Diver and DIRrebreather member Dennis dives a JJ-CCR.

2nd hand CCR's and other Tek Stuff at Pim's Tekdiving PTD

Often PTD gets requests to sell 2nd hand ccr's and other tek stuff. PTD will do a check of the equipment and give a non-binding statement about the quality.
We have three different states: good, usable and needs revision. For PTD it is quite tricky to do this. So: we don't accept any liability for any "mis-judgements". PTD charges a 10% commission on the sales price.
  • With "good" we mean that you can use the piece of equipment straight away.
  • "Usable" means that it needs some basic maintenance, such as changing batteries, changing oxygen cells, changing o-rings, .... 
  • "Needs revision" means the equipment needs major maintenance and often needs to be returned to the factory. Example: check up of electronic system, factory maintenance messages on electronics (e.g. Ouroboros and Sentinel).

Innerspace Explorers (ISE), KISS rebreathers and Pim's Tekdiving PTD

PTD assisted ISE in getting factory approval as a training agency for the KISS mCCR. The KISS was the first mCCR in the market. The concept was copied by many other manufacturers like rEvo, Copis, Submatix and Apocalypse. The famous "KISS valve" gives a constant (mass) flow of oxygen (approximately 0.7 ltr/min). This allows the gas in the breathing loop to stay almost always breathable.
Achim Schoeffel (CEO of IES) made a record dive on a KISS mCCR with a double Bonex. He crossed the English channel underwater.

Apocalypse Type IV O2 CCR and OEM, Narked@90 and Pim's Tekdiving PTD

The Apocalypse Type IV O2 CCR and OEM can be easliy transformed into a Trimix mCCR suitable for depths up to 100mtrs. For this transformation PTD recommends to use a Shearwater Petrel divecomputer with a narked@90 Head Up Display. Both the computer as the HUD need to be connected to a special POD which fits directly to the breathing loop of the APOC. This POD is also build by narked@90. Some small modifications need to be done: the POD must have a fisher connector for the Petrel and the HUD must have a 30bar connector. Also the fixing device of the HUD to the mouthpiece needs to be changed. The POD uses three cells, which are available from narked@90.
The APOC makes use of extended air cartridges (EAC's), which are available from OSEL at a special price.
PTD wants to make a deal with OSEL and Narked@90 for buying there parts at a special price. Then assemble them and build a true trimix mCCR at a reasonable price (est. 4750 - 5500 EUR). PTD has been assigned by OSEL as the only trainer on the OEM unit. So training and certification will also be available through PTD.
We are currently investigating whether the addition of OEM parts to the APOC makes CE still valid.

When you are interested in buying a complete unit (with training), please send an email.

DIRrebreather website is temporarily out of order. The site will be changed and up and running in 2-3 weeks. You will be notified when it happens.

VR Technology sold to AVON Plc for 3 mln GBP

VR Technology is pleased to announce that as of 26th April 2013 the company 
became part of Avon Protection under the Avon Rubber p.l.c group.

With over 120 years’ experience, Avon Rubber is an innovative engineering group who specialise in respiratory protection system technology for the Protection &Defence market and in consumables for the Dairy market with their own Milkrite brand.  
Avon invests significantly in research and development; designing, testing and manufacturing specialist products from a number of sites in the USA and UK and is recognised as a global market leader.

Avon’s acquisition of VR Technology is seen as a significant enhancement 
for both companies and for the future of terrestrial and sub-marine life support systems.

Avon will continue to support and expand VR Technology’s recreational customer 
base and its existing ties with Oceanic/Hollis in the USA.

Speaking of the acquisition Peter Slabbert, CEO at Avon, said “We are delighted to have VR Technology on board and welcome all the team.  Avon Protection has previously progressed from ground forces to air and this development into sub-marine is very exciting for us all ”.

This is the comment I got from VRT on several questions:
"We are currently still working on the Explorer with Hollis however we are now a part of the Avon P.L.C and Hollis do not own any part of VR Technology. Kevin Gurr is still involved with the company within Avon Protection and as far as I am aware there are still no plans to revive the Ouroboros."

"Phil Short is still involved with Hollis and the Explorer rebreather that is being launched this year."

Britannic Expedition 2014

Many people showed an interest in participating in the DIRrebreather Britannic Expedition 2014.
It's now the time to make your reservation. So: read this information carefully.
The boat we are going to use offers place to 9 divers (incl myself). So: there is space for 8 divers. If we have more divers then we will expand the "diving window" offering time enough for another 8 divers.
After receipt of your deposit of 1000 EUR (by bank transfer or Paypal) we will issue to you a Certificate of participation on your name (please give your exact name and birthdate). If for any reason you cannot attend the expedition you can sell/transfer the certificate to another diver. You will have to send an email to us with the name of the "new" diver and his/her email address, birthdate and experience. The same conditions apply to the "new" diver. 

- Diver insurance (preferably DAN)
- CCR Trimix Diver (preferably Expedition Level)
- proof of 100mtr plus experience (copy log book or statement)

Before the deep dives, we will do some preparation dives. During those dives your diving skills will be evaluated by the expedition organization. If the skills and/or behavior are not appropriate one can be denied the deep dives. In that case NO restitution of the money paid will take place.
For now we will set up two teams. The two teams probably don't need to be present during the whole expedition. The exact dates (May 2014) will be communicated in due course.
Every diver needs to sign a contract specifying runtimes, PO2's, etc. We will dive according DIRrebreather procedures (gasses, PO2's, setpoints, runtimes, bailout , ...).
Will be specified in due course.
Special rules might apply for making pictures/movies. We will let them know in due course.
- Transportation from the airport to the hotel
- Hotel with breakfast
- Boats (diving and rescue)
- Permits
- Support (-divers)
- Gasses
- Tanks 
- Bailout tanks
- Sofnolime
- Drinks
- Dinner/lunch

If, for any reason, the expedition must be cancelled (because of Greek authorities) the money paid for the expedition cannot be refunded. That's why it is very important that every diver sticks to the procedures and agreements. One diver can ruin the expedition for the others. Diving the Britannic is under tough governmental (Greek) rules.
If, for any reason, the permits can not be obtained, you will be refunded your deposit minus the costs already made to get the permits.

Divers coming from outside the EU need to check VISUM requirements for Greece.
The expedition also will have an scientific aim/goal. This is necessary for the permits. You could be asked to perform a specific task on the wreck (e.g. taking samples).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email.
We will make it an unforgettable (international) event!

Update 17 May 2013: one space left
CCR's: 1 Ciz-Lunar Mk5, 3 Megalodon, 1 Prism2, 5 JJ-CCR, 3 Inspiration Vision, 1 Sentinel, 3 not known yet
Participants from Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Portugal

Italian Deep Wreck Expedition 2013

Together with DIRrebreather, Pim's Tekdiving PTD will organize in Q3/Q4 2013 an expedition to Italian Deep Wrecks. The expedition will be closed circuit only. The wrecks will be in the range of 70 - 150 mtrs. One can dive the wrecks according to the certification and experience level.
This expedition has not been confirmed yet!!!
The list of the wrecks will be made public on Facebook and the websites of PTD and DIRrebreather.
Pim's Tekdiving PTD Course schedule

June 2013

Closed Circuit
Megalodon Mod I, Air Diluent, Narvik, Norway
Normoxic CCR, Narvik, Norway
Trimix CCR, Narvik Norway

Open Circuit
Normoxic OC, Abbenes, The Netherlands

July 2013

To be announced. Watch the website and Facebook.

Meg Apeks 2.7 for sale

Ready to dive
  • Black
  • Tetradon wing
  • Metalsub tank holders
  • Shearwater Pursuit
  • 2* 3ltr tanks steel
  • OTS lungs
  • Radial ISC scrubber

State: Usable (cells and batteries need to be replaced)
Price: 5250 EUR ex shipping

Send email if interested

X1 Liquivision for sale
State: good
Price: 800 EUR ex shipping
Send email if interested

Kirby Morgan Supermask FFM for sale

With bag
Without regulator or CCR POD
State: good (as new)
Price: 395 EUR ex shipping

Send email if interested
JJ-CCR more popular then Megalodon amongst technical CCR divers?

For he first time during a DIRrebreather expedition the Megalodon divers were outnumbered by JJ-CCR divers. For many years DIRrebreather expeditions looked like "Megalodon-only" expeditions: this has changed in 2013 with the subscriptions to the Britannic Expedition 2014.

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