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- Many delays in Rebreather market introduction because of CE
- Britannic Expedition 2014
- New DIRrebreather website
- Tekdive 2013
- 2nd hand CCR's and other tek stuff

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Pim's Tekdiving PTD

PIM'S TEKDIVING PTD is an organization which focuses 100% on technical diving. One can get training from Nitrox diver to Tri-Mix Instructor Trainer.  PTD is the only diving school based in The Netherlands,which only conducts technical diving training from different technical diving agencies.  PTD HQ is located in Abbenes (The Netherlands). Facilities are located throughout Europe.

Mission of PTD 
PTD introduces technical diving to a broader diving public and puts safety first! That's why PTD demands the most from its instructors and facilities. PTD contributes actively to (technical) diving research and (training).

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Pim's Tekdving PTD is specialized in rebreather training

We teach many rebreathers from air diluent diver to expedition trimix instructor. We are specialized in the Hollis Prism2, Apocalypse type II, IV and VII, and Megalodon. However we train also: Inspiration, Incursion, KISS, Sentinel, Ouroboros, FGT, Submatix, Dolphin, Ray, rEvo, LAR, Azimuth, etc.

DIRrebreather has a new website. Some details still have to be filled out. But have a look right now!

DIRrebreather manuals in PDF available at Pim's Tekdiving PTD

The DIRrebreather manuals in PDF, easy to take along on your tablet

DIRrebreather Manual: 39,95 EUR 
DIRrebreather Rescue manual: 34,95 EUR 
DIRrebreather Instructor Manual: 24,95 EUR
DIRrebreather Fundamentals Workbook: 24,95 EUR
DIRrebreather X-Treme Manual: 44,95 EUR
DIRrebreather membership: 35 EUR/year

Send an email with the books you would like to order. They will be sent by email to after receipt of payment through paypal. You will get a Paypal invoice.

2nd hand CCR's and other Tek Stuff at Pim's Tekdiving PTD

Often PTD gets requests to sell 2nd hand ccr's and other tek stuff. PTD will do a check of the equipment and give a non-binding statement about the quality.
We have three different states: good, usable and needs revision. For PTD it is quite tricky to do this. So: we don't accept any liability for any "mis-judgements". PTD charges a 10% commission on the sales price.
  • With "good" we mean that you can use the piece of equipment straight away.
  • "Usable" means that it needs some basic maintenance, such as changing batteries, changing oxygen cells, changing o-rings, .... 
  • "Needs revision" means the equipment needs major maintenance and often needs to be returned to the factory. Example: check up of electronic system, factory maintenance messages on electronics (e.g. Ouroboros and Sentinel).
Tekdive 2013, 16 - 17 November, Edegem, Belgium

Pim's Tekdiving PTD will be speaking during Tekdive 2013. This dive show is organized by Vic Verlinden (technical diver U/W photographer and author of many articles and books). There will be an exhibition of manufacturers, dealers, training agencies and travel agencies. Saturday night visitors can have a "meet and greet" with the speakers of the show during a VIP diner. Speakers from the US, Croatia, Belgium and The Netherlands.

For more information check out the website.

Sentinel Optocon CO2 Expedition for sale

Full options
State: good 
Price: 3950 EUR ex shipping
Extra's: cells, lungs

Send email if interested
Delay in distribution of Hollis Explorer and Prism2
Because of a delay in CE approval the distribution of the Hollis Explorer SCR recreational rebreather and Prism2 eCCR rebreather has been delayed. The final release date on the European market is still unknown, but one tries to get it on the market in 2013.


Britannic Expedition 2014

Many people showed an interest in participating in the DIRrebreather Britannic Expedition 2014.

We are now talking to the Greek to get the permits and to set the scientific goal of the expedition.
The original boat we are going to use offers place to 9 divers (incl myself). So: there is space for 8 divers. If we have more divers then we will expand the "diving window" offering time enough for another 8 divers.

Now we are talking to Pim de Rodes about using the Cdt Fourcault. When we are going to use the Fourcault, there will be another 7 spaces available. You can send an email to get you on the waiting list.

Probably (when the permits will allow it) we will have also a submarine (depth rated to 300 mtrs) with us.

After receipt of your deposit of 1000 EUR (by bank transfer or Paypal) we will issue to you a Certificate of participation on your name (please give your exact name and birthdate). If for any reason you cannot attend the expedition you can sell/transfer the certificate to another diver. You will have to send an email to us with the name of the "new" diver and his/her email address, birthdate and experience. The same conditions apply to the "new" diver. 

- Diver insurance (preferably DAN)
- CCR Trimix Diver (preferably Expedition Level)
- proof of 100mtr plus experience (copy log book or statement)

Before the deep dives, we will do some preparation dives. During those dives your diving skills will be evaluated by the expedition organization. If the skills and/or behavior are not appropriate one can be denied the deep dives. In that case NO restitution of the money paid will take place.
For now we will set up two teams. The two teams probably don't need to be present during the whole expedition. The exact dates (May 2014) will be communicated in due course. We plan for:  May 19th 2014 - June 1st 2014.
Every diver needs to sign a contract specifying runtimes, PO2's, etc. We will dive according DIRrebreather procedures (gasses, PO2's, setpoints, runtimes, bailout , ...).
Will be specified in due course.
Special rules might apply for making pictures/movies. We will let them know in due course.
- Transportation from the airport to the hotel
- Hotel or live aboard with breakfast
- Boat (diving and rescue)
- Permits
- Support (-divers)
- Gasses
- Tanks 
- Bailout tanks
- Sofnolime
- Drinks
- Dinner/lunch

If, for any reason, the expedition must be cancelled (because of Greek authorities) the money paid for the expedition cannot be refunded. That's why it is very important that every diver sticks to the procedures and agreements. One diver can ruin the expedition for the others. Diving the Britannic is under tough governmental (Greek) rules.
If, for any reason, the permits can not be obtained, you will be refunded your deposit minus the costs already made to get the permits.

Divers coming from outside the EU need to check VISUM requirements for Greece.
The expedition also will have an scientific aim/goal. This is necessary for the permits. You could be asked to perform a specific task on the wreck (e.g. taking samples).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email.
We will make it an unforgettable (international) event!

Update 27 October 2013: seven spaces left (waiting list)
CCR's: 1 Ciz-Lunar Mk5, 3 Megalodon, 1 Prism2, 5 JJ-CCR, 3 Inspiration Vision, 1 Sentinel, 3 not known yet
Participants from Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia,  Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Portugal
X1 Liquivision for sale
State: good
Price: 600 EUR ex shipping
Send email if interested

Kirby Morgan Supermask FFM for sale

With bag
Without regulator or CCR POD
State: good (as new)
Price: 395 EUR ex shipping

Send email if interested
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