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Tuamotus: dangerously beautiful

Sailing always keeps us real: bad weather, gear malfunctions, changing plans. Nobody likes adversity. To stay positive, we remind ourselves to ask: "what can we learn from this?" 

Historically, sailors called Tuamotus the "dangerous archipelago" because of the many hazards:  the low lying coral reefs, the challenges of anchoring. As we explore with our visitors, this region's wild nature gives us great gifts, but there’s many challenges! 

By having fun (harvesting stoke!), we energize the batteries in preparation for the challenges ahead. Through the ups and downs, this energy keeps us positive. That way we can be ready for adversity, that bitter-sweet teacher.

Hugs to all-  Kristian & Sabrina

~ 💞🌴🥥~
Tikehau with Erika 🧜‍♀️

After dodging bad weather in Tahiti, we hiked the waterfalls in the "Roadless Coast", then sailed with Erika overnight to Tikehau. It was fast! Selaví was cruising 7-9 knots with a reef, 20 knots of wind. 

The Mantas can usually be seen swimming around the rocks getting their parasites cleaned by little wrasses... on this day however, they were feeding really actively, making quite a show! Thanks to Sabrina & Erika for finding them while swimming in front of our boat.

Learn fun facts about Mantas and watch the video here. 
Watch the Mantas Feeding show
Photos: Tahiti's roadless coast; Erika with Kaiana and Naiyah, sailing from Tahiti to Tikehau (overnight, 32hrs); the motu where the Manta Rays regularly visit; Pink Sand beaches.
A Honeymoon with a Bang 💓🚀
We had the honor to host a special charter trip: the honeymoon for Erin & Steven, as a week long trip around Tikehau. Celebrating a couple's love and life commitment to one another is truly a magical and special moment. We were glad to do it in one of our favorite little atolls, Tikehau, where there is so much to see: from Manta Rays, Eden motu, Bird island, Pink Sand beaches, and the gorgeous Reef Pass.

However, this isn't a Disney amusement park ride; sailing in Tuamotus is a fantastic adventure with surprising blessings and tricky unknowns. Sure enough, all was going well, too well… then Bang!  We ran aground on a very hard-to-see coral pinnacle. The Dangerous Archipelago lived up to its name. Fortunately, the boat was okay!

Naturally we were quite embarrassed, and disappointed with our lapse in seamanship. But suffice to say, the guilty feeling passed as we realized: this IS a hard place to sail, truly the hinterlands which makes it even more special.

The cosmic Yin & Yang gave us a good lesson. Life is to be celebrated, but it is vulnerable and delicate.  It needs to be tended to with constant awareness and positive energy, to ensure the "ship" of our home and relationships keeps floating in harmony, off the rocks, where it belongs.

We emerged with new respect for both the celebration of love and the delicate attention we must give Life's every moment. 

Read about how we ran aground and what we learned, in an upcoming Blog Post
Arriving in Fakarava with Adam, Asher, and Kendra after an overnight sail.
Old Friends Re-unite
Adam first went sailing aboard Tabula Raza with me in 2004, my first sailboat, a 29ft monohull from 1964. This is his 3rd trip on Green Coco with his family aboard, Costa Rica, Marquesas, and now Tuamotus. It has been incredibly special to share with his wife Kendra and his son Asher, who has grow through these adventures from 8 to 10 to now 14 years old. Now we add our own twins Kaiana and Naiyah to the party. Families adventuring together!

The other couple aboard the Tikehau-Fakarava two week trip were Ian and Alice, the former being Sabrina's high school buddy from Marin County. This was their first trip on Green Coco, but like Adam, he is also a Selaví Investor. We are super grateful for their help to finance this new catamaran, making this dream possible. In total, there are 50 Selavi Investors, as part of our unique model of cooperative financing. Huge thanks to you all for the trust and willingness to step into the unknown.
In Fakarava, this friendly "Napoleon" loved chasing our food scraps. Watch the video to see how close he gets... and learn why they are endangered.
Watch Video of Napoleon Wrass
The Twins turn 2 Years Old 👯‍♂️

Kaiana and Naiyah were shocked. On their 2nd birthday, gone were their cribs and the pacifiers, their companions almost since birth! After devouring their Elmo banana cake for breakfast, they stared in wonder at their new "big girl room", with new fluffly stuffed animals. There was some painful crying, then they adapted quickly. This inspired me to write about how we use the RIE parenting philosophy to stay calm :)

 We celebrated the girls' second birthday with a beach party in Tikehau at the heavenly hoa... and managed to escape back to the cozy of Selaví just before a big squall. See more pics in our blog.

See more pictures in blog
Read how we use RIE parenting on the boat
The girls upgraded to the Toddler size lifejackets.
That means they are no longer babies, right?!
Trips still available this Year 📅

See our website schedule for details. Dates may be flexible, just ask!

Fakarava 7 day trips (option to extend to 10-14 days)
  • July 6-12
  • July 20-26
  • August 3-9 

Fakarava to Tahiti via Apataki (waiting list only)
  • August 17- September 7 (21 days)

Huahine to Bora Bora (thanksgiving)
  • November 18-28 (11 days)

December flexible transit from Huahine to Tahiti to Tikehau, available by request.

2023 Sneak Preview: You can make early reservations with flexible changes until August this year. 
  • January-March: Tikehau 
  • April: Apataki
  • May-August: Fakarava
  • September-October: Tahiti & Moorea
  • November-December: Huahine & Bora Bora
See our Schedule for 2022 and 2023
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