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Hello again! In this edition of Spinal WA eNews we're bringing you the 'what's new' in services and research relevant to you.

But wait! First off, we're continuing to bring you first aid advice (don't tell me you forgot about the burn photos from the last newsletter).

That way you know you're in the know, when it comes to looking after yourself.

First Aid Advice - Skin Tears

There are different levels of skin tears, but if bone or tendon are exposed (in any area) get urgent medical treatment.

If less severe treat via the following steps:

Photos courtesy of Terry Swanson

Step 1: Stop the bleeding
  • Apply pressure using a clean cloth, gauze or dressing and if on an arm or leg elevate it. Keep firm pressure on for at least 5 minutes if you are on blood thinning medication or prone to bleeding with previous injuries, you may have to repeat if still bleeding
  • If bleeding doesn’t stop within 10 -15 minutes you will need to see your GP or seek other health professional assistance
Step 2: Clean the wound
  • Clean the wound by gently flushing the area with warm tap water (drinkable) and patting dry.
  • If there is a large flap the flap can be lifted or rolled back to clean underneath
Step 3: Treat the skin
  • If there is skin left on the wound, gently pull or roll the skin flap back over the wound as best as possible using a moistened cotton tip bud, clean tweezers or gloved fingers
  • Applying a dressing
Step 4: Dress the wound
  • Silicone dressings (eg Biatain silicone) are designed not to cause damage when taken off and are good for fragile skin
  • Allevyn foam dressing absorbs fluid from the wound and provides some protection by padding the area
  • DuoDERM is a water repellent dressing which should be changed every 3-5 days
  • Melolin low absorbent dressing should only be used for wounds which do not ooze very much or to protect recently healed wounds
  • If no dressing is available use gauze dampened with saline and change twice a day
Note: If broken skin is on seating area...
  • Do not apply any pressure until skin is unbroken and normal colouring has returned to the area
  • Sit first time for 15 minutes and look for redness, see how long it takes to fade. If redness fades in 15 minutes or less, wait 1 hour and repeat. Do 3x15 minute trials, if they are all successful then try 3 x 30 minute trials. The time can be increased by 30 minutes a day. If redness does not fade in 15 minutes, stay at that time level until all 3 trials are successful
Get more first aid advice on our website here.

Vehicle Moderations for Wheelchair Access

Troy Rowe has 20 years experience modifying vehicles and is starting out on his own now, as the WA State manager of Freedom Motors Australia.

He's passionate about providing *realistic* prices and great customer service, and can help you out with anything from a simple hand control to a fully modified drive from wheelchair conversion (and everything in between!). 

So if you, or a friend, need vehicle moderations - Troy will come to you for your convenience. 

Contact details are:
Troy Rowe
Wa State Manager
Freedom Motors Australia
0417 930 916

20% Off Wheelchair Fashion

The team at IZ Collection have offered Spinal WA-ers, 20% of their wheelchair friendly fashion. Everything is designed to look and fit better for wheelchair users, so just enter the code IZFIRST20 at check out to get 20% off your first order.

Buying New & Used Accessible Equipment

The e-bility website is like Gumtree, but specific to accessible equipment. 

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, the site has a new look and is easier than ever to navigate. Check it out for new and used wheelchair accessible cars and equipment for children too.


Over 65 with an SCI? SCIA want to hear from you!

Currently, people who acquire a disability over the age of 65 are not eligible for the NDIS and there are several issues with this.

Over 65s fall under the My Aged Care sector instead, which requires co-payments towards the cost of services. The aged care sector too, has no expertise in disability and spinal cord injury. 

As consequence, SCIA has recently been advocating on behalf of these people and now the Federal Assistant Minister for Health and Ageing, Ken Wyatt would like to talk to those in this situation. 

If that's you, or someone you know who is based in Perth, please let Tony Jones know at

From the newsroom:

Cooling buys time for spinal cord injury patients

Recently, WA's Neurotrauma Research Program received some well deserved media attention on their trials into body cooling to reduce spinal injury severity immediately after accident. Read all about it here!

Photo: ABC News, Briana Shepard


From the last newsletter:
We have a YouTube channel! Watch videos on continence, bladder & pain management and sex.


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